Jul 31, 2010


Wholly Moly! Where did the time go?!?!
I have been SO busy lately that I haven't really even had time to sit down and "write" on my Blog!! Let alone do ANY projects!!! GEESH!!
Last Tuesday I had to do a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of birthday party for #2! He turned 8! OH...and as if it could end there...this Tuesday #1 turns 9!!!(and I turn "29" on Tuesday for the 3rd year in a row...lucky me!)
Summer is escaping me and we haven't even gone on a vacation yet!!!!
School is starting...
I have 4 kids going to school this year...that's ALOT of SHOES I have to buy still!!!
My mind is if you didn't notice...I probably just made yours spin too!!
I am ACTUALLY trying to do a "birthday party" for the soon to be 9 year old...Is 9 too old to do a castle princess theme birthday party?!
Well...that's what she's getting!!LOL!!
 I will get some pics of that  and post it should be fun!!
I hope everyone is enjoying there LAST day if JULY!!
Today I am off to a mother/son picnic and Derby car race!! I have never done this before...and I am SUPER are the boys!!!

Blessings to you ALL!!!

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