Jul 14, 2010

Who New?! is kinda gross...but...I'm gonna tell you anyway!!
I am know to get fever blisters at LEAST once a year!!
The nasty annoying thing appears on my lower is a NUISANCE!!
and UGLY!

SO...I was out camping just this last weekend when I felt "the tingle"!!
OH NO!! I am NOT prepared!! I'm in a campground for crying out loud!!
What do I do?!
I take out my trusty phone with Internet and i search "how to get rid of a fever blister"
I get the usual campho phinique, or abreeva, or whatever other brand is all out there sold in the "STORES"!
but THEN..I stumble upon this site where REAL people write what works for them...and 2 people write that what I am about to tell you worked for CrAZy as it sounds! So here it goes...the "wonder drug" (that's not a drug AT ALL!)


when i read this...i the heck...I'll give it a try...I mean I produce this on my own and it's always there...easily accessible...right?!
my "blister" never turned into a "blister" AT ALL!!
It merely just went away...It never got more than a small tingly bump!!
Now I need to put this theory to the test and won't know for sure that it was JUST the earwax that made it go away...but I won't know that until I feel that dreaded tingle AGAIN!
so until then...I say..

I know it's kinda gross...LOL!!
BTW...I didn't use "globs" of wax...just like if you put your finger in your ear when it itches...your finger get s a little wax coating on it...that's all i did...SEVERAL times a day for 2 days!!
If you have ever tried this before or after reading this...did it work for you?!

Have a wonderful day...preferably with no blisters!!LOL
Victoria ~Couture Unraveled~


Mommy Spirit said...

I'm actually a very late follower from Tuesday. (I got wrapped up in work stuff but minimized your blog on my screen to make sure I came back.) I love the concept for your blog and the creativity.

On another note, I get fever blisters too, but on my shoulder. (I know--it's not a typical location by any means, but they do come back during stress, etc.) I'll have to try your "all natural" rememdy. Thanks!

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

Very interesting remedy! Nice to know that it worked for you, though! You seriously couldn't have found a more simple solution!

Bree said...

Glad it worked for you and good to know :)- thanks for stopping in my site today! I do agree that when we need to strive to be good to all men, Gal 6:10- People have gotten scared to give but it always yeilds results from GOD.

Sarah loves it all said...

Sorry I'm late! Following back from TAT! What a cute crown!


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