Sep 16, 2010

Halloween/Fall Flower clips

I Love FALL!!
The colors, pumpkins, candles burning, cooler evenings...etc!
I was very excited when I was asked awhile back if I would like to offer a couple of my Crochet flower clips as a giveaway prize for a Halloween Blog Bash put on by,
(September 26th-October 10th)
there will be...
How FUN does that sound?!
I LOVE giving my stuff away as prizes!!
I love to be able to put smiles on other peoples faces...
a satisfaction like no other!
So...since this was a Halloween/Fall Blog Bash...I made these 2 flower clips for the theme... 
Pumpkin Patch Party clip!!
(say that 3 times fast!LOL)
I LOVE this one!!!
 I envision it clipped onto a black headband or a black hat!!!
and the...
Triple Petal Scarecrow Clip
Who doesn't love a scarecrow?!
It's like one of the ultimate fall characters!!
I Love this clip too! I think the scarecrow is too darn cute!!
 I guess it's suppose to be ScaRy!!
I don't thinks it's succeeding...I mean look at that stitched smile! I can't help but smile looking at it!!LOL!
I am entertaining the thought of putting these on my Etsy for the Fall season!
What do you think..
are these clips
"Etsy" worthy?!
These would make great Teacher gifts...Teachers always dress the season!!
I LOVE that about Teachers!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!! Friday is just around the corner!! Woop! Woop!!
I am really Excited for Friday...I am heading out to Spokane with a couple friends to go to the
Women of Faith  concert!!
This will be my 3rd time!!!
It's a weekend filled with uplifting inspirations, music, good friends...
and of course we will sneak in some shopping too!!
Can't WAIT!!!
(except now I have to go finish my laundry...blah!)

Sep 13, 2010

EEEEEK! Super Stoked...

 is doing a feature and giveaway for
 ~Couture Unraveled~ Etsy!
Go there to enter for your chance to win a Custom hat and flower clip!!
I am so EXCITED!
You HAVE to go see what she sais about
~Couture Unraveled~
(I am still blushing...seriously!)

Also soon I will be participating in a Halloween event put on by Family and Life in LV (and i think a few other blogs) where you can find some recipes, crafts,giveaways, and tutorials!! It will be SO FUN!!
I will let you ALL know when I know more...but I will tell you runs from Sept.26th-Oct.10th and I will be doing a...GIVEAWAY for some Halloween FUN!!!
Stay tuned for THAT!!!

Bling Bling it's a girl thing....

A long time ago...
I found this blog post on Brassy Apple on how to make a chandelier for a girls room using some wire hanging baskets from the Dollar store and some beaded necklaces from there and a few embelishments from a craft store or maybe you have a craft stash??l!!
Click the link above for the full "items needed" list and also the tutorial. Be aware...once you go to Brassy may be there for hours looking at all the fun stuff you WILL want to do!!
Don't say I didn't warn ya!!
I wanted to show you my finished project...after months and months of already having the items needed to create this fabulously girly project...
here it is...
Please excuse the photo quality...I snapped SEVERAL pics of this darn thing and It was hard to get a REALLY good one...maybe it's just one of those things that in order to see the true beauty of it...
you have to see it in person...
maybe I'm just not that good of a photographer?!
One may never know!!
Imagine laying on your bed staring up at all the girly sparkle...I bet my girls really feel like royalty now!!! and If they don't...they SHOULD!!LOL
What more could a girl ask for?! A decor adorned in diamonds and pearls!!
not really...
it looks like it anyway!!!

So does anyone have any projects at home that they have all or most of the stuff to do...but just haven't gotten around to doing it yet?! or maybe that is just plain the "life of a crafter"?!
Have a GREAT week everyone!!!!

Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~

Sep 8, 2010

Avoni's Boutique GIVEAWAY

 Avoni's Boutique
is having a SWEET GIVEAWAY to celebrate finding out baby #3 is a GIRL!!!
so...guess what...
You could win this felt rose cluster clip in your choice of up to 3 colors and it comes WITH the headband!!(sweet!!)

3 ways to enter!! LOW entry's!!
Don't forget to snoop around at ALL the goodies at
You will not be sorry!!

Sep 3, 2010

Infant ~Couture Unraveled~ photo props

~Couture Unraveled~
It's BEST!
I have been wanting to make some infant photo props for a very LONG time! Unfortunately...I am not a photographer and I have NO infant!!
(read announcement below)

That was


I had the privelege of running into a new local Photographer
Jessica from
She is just getting started in Photography and I was trying to figure out how to make my infant photo props desires become a reality! So we have teamed up of sorts...I make her photo props...she uses them...I get to use the photo's for my advertising!!! and she gets happy customers when they see their little peanuts in photo's like these...
pictured above: Miss Kayli wearing a Fuzzy trimmed Aerro Hat

pictured above:
Miss Kayli wearing a pom pom stocking hat with a garden party flower clip

pictured above: Miss Kayli in a Kangaroo Pouch wearing a matching Avoni hat and a Red Rose flower clip

pictured above: Miss Kayli wrapped in a super soft pom pom mini blanket
all photo props are handmade by:
~Couture Unraveled~

ooooh....awwww....I know...right!!!!
This little peanut is baby Kayli and I believe she is maybe 1 week old...
there is NOTHING sweeter on this Earth than a tiny little helpless!
I had so much fun making these props...I am working on more props(my head is spinning with ideas)!!
I am hoping to get them listed in my Etsy shop SOON!!!!

*Also* Look for Holiday Photo Props coming soon too!!!

I do have a little personal announcement to make as well...
It seems we will be having our very own Baby ~Couture Unraveled~ in just under 8 months!!!!
WOOP WOOP! Baby #6 is ON ITS WAY!!!
You know this baby will be completely ADORNED in Crochet goodies...I can't WAIT!!!

Have a FABULOUS weekend all you Unraveling people!!

Sep 1, 2010

Eden's Bouquet Giveaway

Eden's Bouquet is VERY generously offering 1 Extremely LUCKY person a $300.00 Gift Certificate to her online store!

Jen~creator and founder of Eden's Bouquet uses
 the finest quality material for her intricately designed Children's Clothing!!
You DO NOT want to pass up this opportunity!!
Go HERE to enter!!!


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