Aug 30, 2010

Pumpkin Head!

I CANNOT believe Fall is coming!!!
That means lots of Oranges, Brown, Greens, and Reds are going to be coming out!!! YAY!!
I LOVE FALL!! Candles burning, Stews Cooking, Deserts Baking,
So in HONOR of Fall I made this...
It's a newborn Pumpkin beanie!!!! I LOVE IT!!
It will have a matching cocoon and it's for an infant photography prop...but it TOTALLY got me thinking about Fall and ALL the things I LOVE about that season!!!!

The first sign of Fall for me is....
 and THAT is EXACTLY what mine did TODAY!!

3 out of the 4 that started school today...the 4th is in p.m. Kindergarten and it's morning here...I will post her later!!!!
What is YOUR favorite season?! and Why?!

Everyone have a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Aug 26, 2010

FREE Photo Book

Picaboo is Letting
Customers get an 8 x 11 photo book in classic, classic custom and EVEN classic leather!! 
You pay the cost of shipping...which is $8.99!!(enter code FREEBK at checkout)
(book value is $39.99)
Holy Smokes!!! Great Deal!!
I just created mine...IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!

I have seen these books...and they are so awesome!!! What a GREAT way to keep all your photos! Especially of a special wedding, anniversary, birthday, vacation, fun day at the park or even your child's FIRST YEAR OF KINDERGARTEN or THE LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL~what a great way for a Senior to capture all the great times with friends at school!!!
This would also make a GREAT gift for Grandparents or Parents!!! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! I wish I could have ALL my photo's arranged and put in these books!!!
Now THAT would be COOL!!!

SO...Hop on over to Picaboo and whip yourself up one or two or three of these babies!!!
WHAT are you going to put in your book?! Do you have a theme idea?!

Aug 25, 2010

silhouette giveaway...

Go HERE or HERE  to enter a giveaway for a chance to WIN one of these...
a Silhouette Machine!! OOPS...there are a couple more to add to the list...
go HERE too

This machine looks awesome and I would LOVE to get my hands on one...unfortunately I don't think I could convince the hubby that I need one bad enough to fit the cost!!
So I entered to win one...If your like me...then you should go enter too!!!!
good me!!!LOL

Aug 23, 2010


Sorry I wasn't able to announce the winner last night!!
We had such a BIG weekend and by the time we got home...I was WIPED OUT!!!
So without any further delay...the winner is...
True Random Number Generator
# 18

who said:
I follow your blog.
Congratulations Emily!!!!
I will contact you by Email!!!

*The winner has 24hrs to claim the prize or a new winner will be picked*

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who entered!!!!

Don't forget...I have free shipping Friday and 15% off my WHOLE Etsy Shop on the 15th of September!! It will be the LAST one!!!!!

Have a GREAT day Everyone!!!!!!

Aug 20, 2010

Vacation's...all I ever WANTED

 to take care of a little business
(blah...I know...who wants to talk business!)
the winner of the GIVEAWAY
was going to be announced on Sunday by noon...due to our sudden mini vaca...I will not be able to post the winner until closer to that evening!! If I am able to do it before that...I will...but just to be on the safe side!
back to the original posting...=D

We ARE going on a mini yet BIG Vacation before school starts!!!
is where we will be going!!!!
It's called Silver Mountain Resort In Northern Idaho!!
There is a HUGE indoor water park,golfing,ATVs,bike riding,rafting,fishing,scenic gondola rides(oh YEAH!)
and they also have winter activities listed like skiing and snowboarding!!
and don't even get me started on their rooms!!
Since we have sooooo many kids...we had to go with
The Loft

of COURSE my kids think the spiral staircase is THE COOLEST!!!!!HA!
I think the Hubby will be lucky if he EVER gets me to LEAVE!!
This is one trip I BETTER not forget my Camera!!!!
I will be posting my mini vaca pics when I get back...and maybe I can tell you more about this place...AFTER I have actually been there!!!
Everyone Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!

Only 2 more days to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!!
Blessings all!!!

Aug 18, 2010

Blog Hoppin....

Welcome Wednesday Blog Hoppers!!!!!
Feel free to snoop around and leave me a little comment!!!
Right now I have a giveaway going on in celebration of my blog reaching 100 followers!!!
Be sure and enter it HERE!!
I look forward to blogging with you ALL!!
Here are the Blog Hops I am joining this Wednesday!!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Make sure you enter my
~Given straight from my heart made by my hands~

Aug 12, 2010


*this giveaway is closed*

(remember that song?!hehe)
Who wants to WIN something?!?!

One Lucky ~Couture Unraveled~ follower is going to win something from MY ETSY store!!
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Good Luck!!

Can't wait?!
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Aug 10, 2010

Welcome Wednesday!!

Welcome all you "Welcome Wednesday" Linkers!!

Welcome to
 ~Couture Unraveled~
Originally I started this Blog to showcase my Crochet Items I sell on my etsy...but I have to say...once I found Blog World...
It has become SO MUCH MORE!!

It has brought out the "crafter" in me! I didn't know it was you can imagine my surprise!!
On my Blog you will see crafting, crocheting, baking, and LIFE!!
My days are chalk FULL of UNRAVELING events...I don't share them all...but sometimes you may get a story or two!!

I Love to FEEL Loved and you can do that by becoming my follower and PLEASE leave me a comment telling me how great my Blog is!! It boosts my ego...and being a stay at home mom of 5 kids 9 and can imagine I need ALL the Boosting I can get!!


In celebration of reaching *100* followers...(sometime this week) I will be doing a...
It will involve my Etsy Store and possibly something a little extra to go with it!!
(I don't get review stuff to give away..this comes from my heart and hands!)

SO Stay TUNED....
HaVe A WonDerFuL WeDnEsDaY!!!

Aug 7, 2010

Your Royal Highness...

First Things First!!
To the right you will notice a new gadget called BlogFrog
YOU should DEFINITELY go sign up!! You will find many GREAT blogs to follow!!
onto the...

The MOMENT has FINALLY arrived!!!
The birthday party for a princess...went something like this...
I had a vision...a...not so clear vision...but a vision...
I wanted to do a "castle princess" themed birthday party for my turning "9" year old.
Unfortunately I am NOT good at planning months in advance for a party...and actually I never have a full vision...let me explain...I have an idea...usually a very small idea that sometimes doesn't turn out AT ALL...anyway...I go to a store...start seeing things and THAT is when I start getting more ideas...that eventually start forming something! Anyone else out there like that?!
OK.. about 1 weeks time I threw together a party for my princess!
First I hit the dollar tree and found these in the "wedding supplies" section...the actual "box" part of it turned out to be ALOT smaller then I thought...but it worked out to be just fine!
I also found these in the same section...
and I found these by the photo frames...
I couldn't have been more ecstatic to find these...they fit the theme perfectly!!
after putting the bubbles inside and 1 magnet picture frame...they went together to look like this!
I know it's a "wedding dress" but isn't that basically the ULTIMATE princess gown?!
mm-hhhhmmmm! far so good...right?!
So I kinda wanted to crochet a princess crown for this occasion as well...that is pretty much where my DIYness stops...YES I can crochet...NO I can't write patterns!! So I did some searching online and found a pattern here from midnight knitter!
I made up a bunch for all the princess guests to wear and keep!!
A friend of mine who does hair for a living came over and did all the girls' hair for me...glitter and all!

ooh...I almost forgot!! No princess is complete without her "princess" wand!!
I got the directions for these from Little Birdie Secrets here 
I used whatever ribbon I had on hand and this is how they were displayed! Each little princess got to pick one when they arrived and take it home as part of their gift!

I also made up a few tissue paper pom poms to hang for some party decor!!
I found the directions for them here

 is a picture of the Guest of Honor!
Princess J!!
(she is wearing a dress up crown because I am bad at counting and I was short 1 crochet tiara...she was NICE enough to let ALL the other girls have them!! I LOVE her!)

Princess J's cousin
sportin her "crown"!!
The Beauty Queen's!!

Royalty! Really?!HA
No Birthday is complete without some kind of cake...right?!
I made some (what I like to call) tie-dye cupcakes and attempted to do
with the frosting
directions can be found here
here are mine...
HAHA!! Yeah..not so "rainbow-y" huh!!LOL!!
OH WELL...they tasted...DELISH!!!

That is how the Birthday Party went!! I sure hope all those girls had as much fun as I did putting all this together and making their goodies!!

Everyone have a Blessed Week!!

Victoria ~Couture Unraveled~


Aug 4, 2010

WoBbLe OvEr WeDneSdaY!!

I am linking up at
 for the
Wobble Over Wednesday Link Party!
Come Join ME...
meet new people and get new followers too!!

If your here from W.O.W...
 grab a cup of coffee, put your fuzzy slippers on, and let yourself become


Aug 2, 2010

Tie-Dye Cake....YUM!

I have seen all sorts of really cool cakes out there...unfortunately...I am NOT a "creative" cake maker!!
ALL those colorful cakes I've seen...i figured i could DEFINITELY do one of I gave it a try!
This past weekend my family celebrated 3 son who just turned 8,my daughter who will be turning 9 tomorrow, and mine!!
YES! I had my first born child on my birthday!! 
She was the BEST gift EVER!!!
on to the cake....
i got some of this...
this stuff works WAAAAY better than the liquid food's why...
with the liquid you have to use like 100 drops to get a nice vibrant color...right?!
with the gel...a little goes a loooong ways!!!
In this case...I was coloring cake batter...not frosting so I did have to use a "bit" more gel...
here's a little hint...
to get the TRUE color on the box...use a WHITE cake mix and DO only use the egg whites...yellow cake mixes or using the egg yokes in a white you the colors you will see here...hence the "tip"!LOL
Yellow turned out great!!!
This is "red"... in the picture it looks dark pink...but it actually was pretty much red!
Blue...this one turned out to be more of a turquoise...which was VERY pretty...but if you want blue...follow my "tip"!hehe
the "green" I had to add a bit more get it this dark!!! It sure is a pretty green though!!
Here are all the colors!! WOOP WOOP!!
So...what do ya say we throw(or layer) it all together now?!
for this part...I just did WHATEVER I felt like doing...
this is how it went...
I poured ALL the yellow on one side of my 9x13 pan and ALL the red onto the other!
*here's a cake making tip for ya...I use to HATE box cakes for the fact that i thought they were always dry and airy day I stumbled across a tip on the WONDERFUL web that said for boxed cake mixes to make them more dense and moist ALWAYS add 1/2 C. of veg. oil(the directions usually only call for 1/3 or 1/4C),mix the batter just till it's mixed. (sorta like pancake batter..and the "powder pockets" are fine to have) well...let me tell you what...THAT was a GREAT tip...the cake was DELISH!)*
the last 2 colors i poured onto the bottom 2 colors...(stating the obvious hey?!)
then I took a butter knife and swirled them together...going the long way...
going diagonal one way...then diagonal the other way...
be careful that you don't do too much "swirling" the colors can mix too much and you may end up with some "brown" cake in spots...not like I would know...LOL!!
Here it is ALL done...and ready for ME to EAT!! YUM YUM!!!
SO go ahead and have FUN with some
ice cream and CAKE and CAKE!!!!
(do you see where it turned brown?? hence the "tip"! HAHA!)
Happy Birthday to my beloveds!!

Have a great "last month" of summer vacation all you Unraveling people!!

I am working on a "castle princess" birthday party for my soon to be 9 year old...It is gonna be LOADS of girly fun...
does ANYONE have any good ideas for an older girl princess party??
I am making crown's/tiara's for them(they are turning out SO cute!)
and I have a friend coming to put their hair in up-do's...that's all I have planned so far!
I know it's down to the wire...i "work" better under pressure!!LOL!!
I will for SURE post pictures NEXT week!! 


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