Aug 7, 2010

Your Royal Highness...

First Things First!!
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onto the...

The MOMENT has FINALLY arrived!!!
The birthday party for a princess...went something like this...
I had a vision...a...not so clear vision...but a vision...
I wanted to do a "castle princess" themed birthday party for my turning "9" year old.
Unfortunately I am NOT good at planning months in advance for a party...and actually I never have a full vision...let me explain...I have an idea...usually a very small idea that sometimes doesn't turn out AT ALL...anyway...I go to a store...start seeing things and THAT is when I start getting more ideas...that eventually start forming something! Anyone else out there like that?!
OK.. about 1 weeks time I threw together a party for my princess!
First I hit the dollar tree and found these in the "wedding supplies" section...the actual "box" part of it turned out to be ALOT smaller then I thought...but it worked out to be just fine!
I also found these in the same section...
and I found these by the photo frames...
I couldn't have been more ecstatic to find these...they fit the theme perfectly!!
after putting the bubbles inside and 1 magnet picture frame...they went together to look like this!
I know it's a "wedding dress" but isn't that basically the ULTIMATE princess gown?!
mm-hhhhmmmm! far so good...right?!
So I kinda wanted to crochet a princess crown for this occasion as well...that is pretty much where my DIYness stops...YES I can crochet...NO I can't write patterns!! So I did some searching online and found a pattern here from midnight knitter!
I made up a bunch for all the princess guests to wear and keep!!
A friend of mine who does hair for a living came over and did all the girls' hair for me...glitter and all!

ooh...I almost forgot!! No princess is complete without her "princess" wand!!
I got the directions for these from Little Birdie Secrets here 
I used whatever ribbon I had on hand and this is how they were displayed! Each little princess got to pick one when they arrived and take it home as part of their gift!

I also made up a few tissue paper pom poms to hang for some party decor!!
I found the directions for them here

 is a picture of the Guest of Honor!
Princess J!!
(she is wearing a dress up crown because I am bad at counting and I was short 1 crochet tiara...she was NICE enough to let ALL the other girls have them!! I LOVE her!)

Princess J's cousin
sportin her "crown"!!
The Beauty Queen's!!

Royalty! Really?!HA
No Birthday is complete without some kind of cake...right?!
I made some (what I like to call) tie-dye cupcakes and attempted to do
with the frosting
directions can be found here
here are mine...
HAHA!! Yeah..not so "rainbow-y" huh!!LOL!!
OH WELL...they tasted...DELISH!!!

That is how the Birthday Party went!! I sure hope all those girls had as much fun as I did putting all this together and making their goodies!!

Everyone have a Blessed Week!!

Victoria ~Couture Unraveled~



Kristi said...

Very Cute Vicki!!!!

Amie said...

Looks like it was a great party! Love the crowns.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Wow! What a fantastic blog, I've been scrolling down at your photos!

Thanks for finding me today, I'm following you back :)

Emily said...

Yes, I would say with 5 children you certainly know about teething! I am following back. Her party looks awesome! I bet that is one she will always remember!
Your etsy shop is adorable! I love the newsboy cap, I used to have one like that, but lost it in Chicago.


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