Jun 3, 2011

OMGosh Where has the time gone??

WOW! I haven't been on my blog in like FOREVER!!! Life has just been so busy...let me explain...
First my Husband lost his job in Feb., so we decided to move out of our rental in fear of not being able to make the we moved into our travel trailer....YIKES! 5 kids and a big ol' pregnant lady living in a TRAVEL TRAILER!! was NOT my parents "hired" my hubby and BIL to add a small edition onto the back of their 650 sq.ft. house...We have since "moved" into this small edition(which is a master bedroom with walk-in closet and a small bathroom) although it's by FAR better than living in the travel trailer, which might I add, I now have NO interest in going camping this summer...AT ALL! I still look EVERYDAY for a cheaper rental...(where we live the price of rentals is RIDICULOUS)
My husband, after losing his job, has started his own business with our BIL doing all things construction...
no really...
they got a general contractors license!
It's been a lot tougher than we thought it would be getting it off the ground, and we haven't exactly been able to count on some of the people we thought we would be able to...but GOD is GOOD and FAITHFUL and has sent others in their place!!! I would like to request prayers at this time, for the success of my Husbands business and for our family, that we will be able to get our OWN place to live BEFORE BABY ARRIVES!!!(THANK YOU)
We found out... 
 IT'S A GIRL!!!!!
and here she is!!

LOVE technology these days!!!!
This ultrasound picture was taken at a high tech ultrasound Doctor appointment, the first ultrasound showed that my baby's umbilical cord was attached in the "wrong" spot on the placenta...known as Battledore Placenta...there are a few different scenarios that can will have to google it if you want to know the different "types" of Battledore, here is what we found with mine,
the umbilical cord is usually attached at the center of the placenta, it's the "meaty" part of the placenta and gives the baby the best nutrition, mine is attached more toward the outer edge, which is not as meaty. What does this mean?! It means that my baby may or may not get very big in the womb. As of right now, baby is exactly the size she is suppose to be for how far along I am!Yay!!!
So, as long as she keeps growing(and I keep growing, ugh) all is OK..I think!!! Praise The Lord!!
and now...
What's up with ~Couture Unraveled~?!
I have put my Etsy on "vacation" possibly for good!
I am wanting to do more pre-makes instead of custom made crochet because it's less stressful and more cost efficient for me!!I am also now selling in a local boutique store!!
 I still have my Facebook page and you can see any NEW items I have created lately from there!

SO...THAT is what I have been up to in the last few months!!! I will try and check in a little more frequently! LOL!!!

SO how many of you have officially started SUMMER BREAK?!
We start next Friday and we also leave for my hometown of Watertown, South Dakota, for a mini vacation!!!! YAY!!! Super Excited about that!
What do YOU have planned for this summer?
Projects? Vacations? at home FUN?

Tell me about them...maybe it'll give others(or me)something to do or try!!

Have a Blessed Day!
~Couture Unraveled~ 


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