Jun 30, 2010

GAME ON!!! WIN $100!!

Want a chance to win $100 to use at one of the participating shops of your choice...just for playing a GAME?!?! Beginning at midnight tonight you can go on a hunt through listed shops using clues to look for the end image!!! So bring out the inner detective and come play along...what have ya got to lose?! besides missing out on FUN and $100!!!
Go HERE to learn more!!!

or be SQUARE!!hehe!
Have a Blessed Day Everyone!!!

Jun 28, 2010

First Blogger award!!


So I just got this blogger award from Leksi Designs! I feel extremely honored that she would feel like my blog is worthy of an Award!! is the thing...The conditions of the award stipulate that I need to share 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to 15 other blogs I feel are award worthy too!! So here goes...

1. I have been with my husband for OVER half of my life!!! We started "dating" when i was 2 months shy of my 15th birthday!!
2. We struggled with infertility...i had 2 miscarriages before FINALLY having our first child(born ON my 22nd birthday) three months after celebrating our four year anniversary! child #2,3,4,& 5 came with NO problems after that!;)
3. I was born AND raised in South Dakota and now live in Washington State!!
4. I learned to Crochet from my Sister in Law about 12 or 13 years ago!! Thank You Nadine!!
5. I have only 1 hubby has 11 other brothers and they make up for the siblings I didn't have!
6. I would Love to go to Disney World maybe even without my kids!!hehe!(Is that wrong?!)
7. Last but MOST important...I LOVE JESUS!!! He is my rock and my refuge!! I just wish EVERYONE would lean on him and accept him as their personal saviour!!!
Have a wonderful day Blogger friends!!

The guidelines for accepting this award are...

Thank the person/people who gave it to you.

Tell 7 things yourself.

Pass the award on to 15 blogs, whom you have recently discovered, and think are fantastic.

Here are is the list of Blogs I will be passing this award onto:

Jun 18, 2010

Tea Light candle holder...

Smart and Trendy Moms

Before I show you my project I want EVERYONE to know that today is FREE SHIPPING @
 so come on over and get yourself a little treat shipping is on ME...!!

Now onto the PROJECT!!

So...being the hubby works in the construction industry..I can get scrap lumber pretty much whenever I want...*BONUS*!! So the other day I told him to bring home a few of these guys(4 x 4's)
In different sizes...I had seen some cool tea light candle holders online made from different types of wood...even logs!!! Well...we live in the desert so not much for logs around here...
SO...let's get started...I figured this guy would wear 3 holes very nicely...bring out the tools!
(and the hubby...cuz i don't do well with big tools!)
awww...too bad!
 we spent far too much time trying to figure out how to space the wholes(I am just plain HORRIBLE at math!ugh)...I DIDN'T get pic of "hubby" manning the tools!!(shucks huh?!)
Here is what it looks like after "wholes drilled"
We had to run to Lowe's to get this to make the wholes!

While at Lowe's getting your whole digger steel spade drill bit...check out their screwed up mistint paint...You may find some colors you like...for el cheapo!! I got this can for $1.00!!!
Here is a close-up of the color!! I LOVE it!!
sorry about the glare...can you kinda tell the color?!? for the FUN part!! PAINTING!!!
Using my cheap trusty foam paint brush...
here we go...
NOW can you see what color it is?!
Love IT!
Don't worry about the rough edges...I like them...they give character and they will be cool for the next step...however...if you find they bug you...just sand it down till you like it!!!!
I forgot to tell you...while you are at Lowe's(or wherever you wanna buy paint from)
get yourself some of this too...
You can pick whatever color you want...but you will probably want it to be fairly dark to do anything!!
so yeah...I seriously forgot tot get a pic of me applying the stain (ditsy i know!) so here is what you do...again i used my cheap trusty foam brush and put a somewhat generous coat on...let it sit for a few minutes...then using a shop paper towel...wipe off excess stain!! Keep repeating till you get the desired tint!!(you can also try sanding the edges to give it more of a rustic look before applying the stain)
Here it is all finished and drying...

I made a another one right after this one...a HUGE one...9 holes to be exact!!!
It's a different color too(and more rustic)'s drying right now...stain takes an extremely long time to dry!
If anyone is interested I will post pics of it!!

Thanks for looking!!!
HAD to do THIS...

Have you EVER seen a face like this before?!
my poor little tootsie roll
(a name given to her shortly after birth by yours truly ;)
 was NOT feeling good so she layed on the floor!!
(waiting for the Motrin to kick in)
FYI...she was up and playing within about 15 minutes of this pic!!hehe!!
but..still!! Look at that face!!!
I know! I know! I'm Bias!!

Happy Friday ALL!!
Victoria @ ~Couture Unraveled~

Jun 15, 2010

Creatively Crafty Magnets!!!

I recently found this blog with a great idea on how to transform those "business" type magnets into a stylish magnet using embellishments, soup can lids(I would only do this if you have one of those under the lid can openers...if you don't have one of those...seriously go get one!!) and any type of craft paper!! You can go here to get the tutorial!! Here is how I did mine...

First I made some homemade mod podge
(not sure if it did anything...but...who cares!!)

Then I took my soup can lid...
(notice the nice non sharp rim...hhmmm?!)

Then I used another can to trace my circle
(making sure the size can i am using the lid off of will fit just inside that if you were gonna stack them)
I had some scrapbook paper on hand so that's what I used...You could use construction paper, newspaper, magazine pages...or even just a photo!!! Wowza!! What possibilities!!

After cutting out my circles...I placed them inside the can lid and did a few dobs of glue...If you know me AT know I used my HOT GLUE GUN!!!hehe!
Then I mod podged over I said..not sure if that did anything..but I like to pretend I'm a seasoned crafter...and I think all seasoned crafters have used mod podge...and I hadn't now I have!!

Let the mod podge dry...
this is now a good time to probably figure out what your gonna embellish this with...
(I don't believe I have shared this bit of information with y'all yet...I am not a planner...I start projects having NO idea what the end result will be...I just go with the flow!!! YUP...that's me..go with the flow kinda gal!! ya know!!) 
I looked through my buttons... see the one on top?? too...

and found this left over ruffle...ooh...the ideas are comin now!!

and I went to town...the ideas started "flowing" in
(ya know..go with the "flow" haha)
sorry...i couldn't help myself!!

I cut my ruffle to the size i needed and attached with hot glue...then I hot glued the big button in the middle...THEN...I found a couple more cute little buttons...and did this...

took this "ugly" magnet from my fridge...
glued it onto the back...
and there you have it!!!!!!! What a GREAT idea!!
A perfect project to do this summer with the kiddos!!
(adult supervision required if using a hot glue gun!)

Here is one more I did...this one has a more "romantic" or "chic" look to it...I think!!

So there you have it!!! Now don't forget to save those can lids...ANY size!!
and if you don't have one of those fancy under the lid can openers...GO GET ONE!!! ;~)
and...REMEMBER...this craft came from Twelve Crafts Till Christmas go show the girl some love!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Welcome New followers!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Victoria @ ~Couture Unraveled~

Jun 11, 2010

Friday Link Up......


I have really enjoyed all the Blogs I have found through Link Parties! You will find my Blog to be purely about stuff I make or just thoughts...and occasionally I will post a link to a cool giveaway i found!! I hope that you will kick back and have a look around!! I am a SAHM to 5 BEAUTIFUL children ages 8,7,6,5,3!! Yes I am THAT busy!! So you may see that I don't get a chance to update my Blog as often as I'd like!!

I am SO excited for summer!! You have KNOW idea!! My kids are finally getting old enough that they are a little more independent...for the past 4 or 5 months i have had the pleasure of seeing what life is like WITHOUT diapers!!! It's AMAZING!!!hehe!! It had been 8 1/2 years since I had that!! 2 times in my life I actually had 3 kids in diapers..only lasted for a couple months before i MADE the oldest one train...but yeah...3 in diapers!! CraZy!!

I am DEFINITELY ready for a fun summer...with WATER and BBQ's and CAMPING and FISHING and RELAXING and CRAFTS and SLEEPING IN!!! WHOOP!!! =) This makes me smile

So anyway...I hope that you will enjoy my Blog and decide to become a follower...If you leave a comment...I WILL follow you back!!!!!! If you see something You like...I have an etsy you can check out!!

Have a Wonderful and Blessed Weekend!!(It's gonna be HOT here! YIPPEE)
Victoria @ ~Couture Unraveled~
Smart and Trendy Moms

The Girl Creative

Jun 8, 2010


Go here to see ALL the wonderful goodies in the Blogmania giveaway I am participating in!! I am VERY excited to be a part of this...a little nervous too, because I feel like I am entering into a world of unknown territory!! Oh WELL! I'm along for the ride now!! I would like to thank Bree from Thinking Outside of the Box  for asking ~Couture Unraveled~ to participate in her theme "Making a Mom's Life Easier" Go check it out and don't forget to save the date to come back and enter!!! Of course if you see something you like and HAVE to have it can go directly to their Etsy store and order yourself up some of those goodies!!! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!
Victoria @ ~Couture Unraveled~

Jun 5, 2010

*NEW* and COMING SOON!!!!!!

New and coming to my ETSY SOON!!!
I (Victoria) am adding a business partner to ~Couture Unraveled~ Her name is Melisa and she is a very good friend of mine...I crochet and can sew a little...and she can sew alot!! She has been doing it for years!! Together we are gonna try to bring some clothing into ~Couture Unraveled~!! I am SOO excited!!! We will be adding things slowly to my etsy shop!!! Starting with this...

It's not on yet...but...SOON!!! I will let y'all know when it will be available for purchase!!
(will be available in different colors and sizes!)
I will also be doing a formal introduction to my NEW biz partner Melisa!!!

Jun 3, 2010

Design on a garage sales dime!!!!

Sorry It has been SOOO long since I posted anything...I have been so busy! Memorial Weekend, My 13th wedding anniversary, and my Mom is on Vacation so i've been doing stuff with her!!! Busy Busy for the past couple weeks!!! BUT...I have been working on some things...

I LOVE garage saleing! The Hubby and I went to a few this past weekend and....JACKPOT!!!! I SCORED!!! Here is what I found...
WORKING lamp for...$5.00

large mirror with gold frame...hehe!...$8.00
wood desk(drawer pulls out for keyboard)...$8.00
Let the Makeover Begin!!!!!
2 cans of this...
apply according to the directions....
I took out the drawer and painted the "face" of the drawer...
painted the legs!!!
Hubby "manning" the spray paint can...LOL!! He is such a good spray painter!!hehe!
All done and dried...It looks so much nicer now!!YIPPEE!!!
Next i found this really cool spray paint(I forgot to get a picture...oops!)
It's called Rust-Oleum Multicolor Textured  in Autumn Brown
close up of it wet....
finished...and hung...
close up of the paint dried...quite a bit better than the gold...hmmmm???
Hubby spray painting the base of the lamp in the same black as the desk...he's such a good husband!!hehe!!
next he sprayed the textured brown(same as the paint used for the mirror)over top the black on the base of the lamp...Lookin pretty sweet so far!!!
onto this boring lampshade....I see ruffles in this lampshades near future...=)
a WHOLE pile of ruffles...found this LARGE square of fabric that had this ruffle border all the way around it...I cut it off!!!hehe!!
Love the colors in this fabric!!!
I used is my friend...I love it so...=)
so...actually first I cut a long rectangle and made a binding strip out of it...then glued it to the very top of the this...
to finish it off...
I folded this under using hot glue...
then hot glued that down to make a clean finished edge...
then to start with all the fun part...ruffles!! put a string of glue where you want the ruffle to start....
like this...
then keep going in the same manner...till you have 1 full row...since my ruffle was one LOOONG piece, once I got back to where I started(I cut it leaving about 1/4") i then finished it off in the same manner I finished with the binding piece on the top of the shade and glued it ruffle please...etc. etc....
woohooo...half way there...should look something like this....
ALL finished!!!! Put shade back on my completely dried lamp base...and here you have elegant ruffly lamp!! Oh...I...LIKE!!!!
Let's put it all together now......
another shot...this is my entryway....Looks good huh?!
k...let's do a budget breakdown...
Ruffle Fabric...$3.00
(that was for the whole piece...I only used the border)
2 cans black spray paint...$4.35/pc x 2 = $8.70
1 can Rust-Oleum Textured brown paint $6.19 on sale
drum role please.....
so...tell did I do????

I'm Linking this to:
Smart and Trendy Moms


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