Jun 18, 2010

Tea Light candle holder...

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Now onto the PROJECT!!

So...being the hubby works in the construction industry..I can get scrap lumber pretty much whenever I want...*BONUS*!! So the other day I told him to bring home a few of these guys(4 x 4's)
In different sizes...I had seen some cool tea light candle holders online made from different types of wood...even logs!!! Well...we live in the desert so not much for logs around here...
SO...let's get started...I figured this guy would wear 3 holes very nicely...bring out the tools!
(and the hubby...cuz i don't do well with big tools!)
awww...too bad!
 we spent far too much time trying to figure out how to space the wholes(I am just plain HORRIBLE at math!ugh)...I DIDN'T get pic of "hubby" manning the tools!!(shucks huh?!)
Here is what it looks like after "wholes drilled"
We had to run to Lowe's to get this to make the wholes!

While at Lowe's getting your whole digger steel spade drill bit...check out their screwed up mistint paint...You may find some colors you like...for el cheapo!! I got this can for $1.00!!!
Here is a close-up of the color!! I LOVE it!!
sorry about the glare...can you kinda tell the color?!? for the FUN part!! PAINTING!!!
Using my cheap trusty foam paint brush...
here we go...
NOW can you see what color it is?!
Love IT!
Don't worry about the rough edges...I like them...they give character and they will be cool for the next step...however...if you find they bug you...just sand it down till you like it!!!!
I forgot to tell you...while you are at Lowe's(or wherever you wanna buy paint from)
get yourself some of this too...
You can pick whatever color you want...but you will probably want it to be fairly dark to do anything!!
so yeah...I seriously forgot tot get a pic of me applying the stain (ditsy i know!) so here is what you do...again i used my cheap trusty foam brush and put a somewhat generous coat on...let it sit for a few minutes...then using a shop paper towel...wipe off excess stain!! Keep repeating till you get the desired tint!!(you can also try sanding the edges to give it more of a rustic look before applying the stain)
Here it is all finished and drying...

I made a another one right after this one...a HUGE one...9 holes to be exact!!!
It's a different color too(and more rustic)'s drying right now...stain takes an extremely long time to dry!
If anyone is interested I will post pics of it!!

Thanks for looking!!!
HAD to do THIS...

Have you EVER seen a face like this before?!
my poor little tootsie roll
(a name given to her shortly after birth by yours truly ;)
 was NOT feeling good so she layed on the floor!!
(waiting for the Motrin to kick in)
FYI...she was up and playing within about 15 minutes of this pic!!hehe!!
but..still!! Look at that face!!!
I know! I know! I'm Bias!!

Happy Friday ALL!!
Victoria @ ~Couture Unraveled~


Al said...

Oh that face, so innocent. Love the project

Mystee said...

I'm stopping by from Social Parade & am your newest follower.

If you have a chance, I'd love for you to stop by my blog, follow back and take a moment to enter any of the current 4 giveaways {low entries}.

Have a great weekend

Bree said...

Thanks for hopping in today! Your blog looks great and I know it'll help generate even more interest in your items! I am doing a link up on Tuesday as well, see you then maybe. Your daughter(s) are beautiful, you'll have to put them in the model search for Blogmania ;)

Kristi said...

Dont u just hesitate a little not to give them the motrin..hehe!! BC man that stuff works fast and when it does watch out!! Adorable candlestick holder!!

Jessica Warrick said...

I love your creativity.. im your newest follower from SP hop on over and check out my blog.

LeksiDesigns said...

Found you on Social Parade! I am your new follower! Please check out my blog at

Have a great weekend!

I also host a giveaway! Please check it out at

Brandie said...

I love it! good have such an eye for craftiness!

Lillian-Juda Leonard-Beach said...

Following you back, really late lol, thanks for stopping by!

Sarah said...

great project!

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Love your candle holder - What a fabulous idea! Looks fantastic! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful week. ~ Stephanie Lynn


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