Jan 31, 2011

CSN Giveaway coming soon...

First off! Let me explain why my Blog has had literally NO ACTION for almost a month...
you see...I'm pregnant and I feel like doo doo! I have absolutely no drive to do anything and quite frankly...I'm lazy tired!
I'm 8 weeks and 3 days today...YUP I have FOREVER a LONG time to go!!

anyway...awhile ago I did a giveaway for CSN and they have contacted me AGAIN! YIPPEE!!
So, In 1 WEEK(Feb. 7th) I will be posting ANOTHER giveaway for a $25.00 online GC!!!


SPREAD THE WORD and LINK your friends back here!!


In the meantime....I am participating in the Handmade with Love event Feb.2nd-6th through 
and I just SO HAPPEN to be giving away a $30.00 GC!!
You better go check it all out and get in on all the action!!!

Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~

Jan 5, 2011

Sleepy Owl Hat

Have I been busy!
Thanksgiving, 5 kids and 1 Mom getting sick (no fun at all), Christmas(fun), 5 kids home ALL DAY EVERYDAY(a little fun and no fun all at once!)
However...In all my sane quiet moments
I did manage to make a couple new items for a friend that was due to have a baby around Christmas time!
~Couture Unraveled~
Sleepy Owl Hat
~I have seen these Owl Hats all over everywhere Etsy. I FINALLY got a chance to sit down and make one...and this is how it turned out! I LOVE it...seriously!!
but no hat is complete without a pair of I made these..

and since her Baby was due right around Christmas time I also made her a "sparkly" pair for coming home in...

Both items are now available in my Etsy
If you would like to make this hat yourself....
here is the link that I found for the owl hat...
(i did change my hat up a bit from this pattern...but this is the basic pattern for it)
the bootie pattern was purchased from Mon Petit Violin)
on Etsy.

I have a question...when you go onto Etsy to purchase something...would you prefer: it pre-made in whatever color/size it comes in
(making it available for shipping right away)
2. have it custom made at time of order in color/size you need/want?
(having to wait longer for your purchase, but it is made to order)

{I am trying to see if I should start offering pre-made items in my Etsy}
right now it is ALL custom made to order!
Feedback would be much appreciated!!!

~Victoria W~
~Couture Unraveled~


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