Oct 1, 2010

Stitches From the Heart

is a non profit organization that donates handmade items
 to Hospitals all across the nation!!
You can go to
to see what they are all about and how they help infants and families across the nation!

~Couture Unraveled~
wants to help too!!
EVERY hat purchased from my Etsy
or my Facebook page using the "shop now" tab
I will DONATE 1 hat to the Stitches from the Heart organization!!
To KICK it of:
~Couture Unraveled~
will be donating 10 hats!
5 girl and 5 boy!!

Winter is FAST approaching...
(although the weather here is not showing that...been in the 80's ALL week!)
It is VITAL that newborns keep their body heat for survival and believe it or not ALOT of families can't afford blankets or cute little hats for their little one's...
can help me change that...
1 hat at a time!!!

Thank You!
Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~

1 more thing...a few posts ago I mentioned that we were expecting number 6...well...I had a feeling that the pregnancy was NOT see...I didn't feel pregnant AT ALL...I've had 5...I knew how I should feel...right?!
Well..I finally made a Dr.'s appointment to get checked...and my intuitions were correct...I was suppose to be 8 weeks pregnant at the time the ultrasound showed a 5 week sac...needless to say...Yesterday I went in to have a D and C done!
I was a bit nervous...not necessarily of the see...I had NEVER been put out for ANY reason EVER!!! Crazy! I know!I'm 31!!
Well...let me tell you was the coolest/craziest thing ever to experience!!~being put out that is..LOL
I woke up from surgery feeling I feel good!!
I'm so glad I opted to go that route
(I had the choice of letting my body do it by itself, but it had already been over a month since baby died and my body wasn't doing a THING!) more baby coming from here...but
we can help the one's that are already here!!
Victoria W.


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