Jul 31, 2010


Wholly Moly! Where did the time go?!?!
I have been SO busy lately that I haven't really even had time to sit down and "write" on my Blog!! Let alone do ANY projects!!! GEESH!!
Last Tuesday I had to do a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of birthday party for #2! He turned 8! OH...and as if it could end there...this Tuesday #1 turns 9!!!(and I turn "29" on Tuesday for the 3rd year in a row...lucky me!)
Summer is escaping me and we haven't even gone on a vacation yet!!!!
School is starting...
I have 4 kids going to school this year...that's ALOT of SHOES I have to buy still!!!
My mind is if you didn't notice...I probably just made yours spin too!!
I am ACTUALLY trying to do a "birthday party" for the soon to be 9 year old...Is 9 too old to do a castle princess theme birthday party?!
Well...that's what she's getting!!LOL!!
 I will get some pics of that  and post it should be fun!!
I hope everyone is enjoying there LAST day if JULY!!
Today I am off to a mother/son picnic and Derby car race!! I have never done this before...and I am SUPER are the boys!!!

Blessings to you ALL!!!

Jul 20, 2010

If it's broke...take it apart...

Last night...I got a little scare!!! I went into my computer room to hear complete silence...NOT GOOD!! I should have been hearing the fan of my computer!! I didn't!! YIKES!! I push the power button...and nothing!!
So...what do I do??
Well...I shut the lights off and left it overnight hoping for it to come back to life...
on it's own...
while I am sleeping!!

Fast forward a good 10 hours
(yeah...I slept that long!LOL)
walk into the room...push the power button again!
nothing! Still dead!!!
(Yes...i did unplug the whole thing and replug it in...didn't work)

Onto plan B.
open my computer tower ...vacuum it out...cuz it is FULL of dust...
check the wires...well at least pretended I "knew" what they were all for!
close the tower back up...
plug it back in...

so from now on....THAT is how I will "fix" mechanical problems!!!!!!

HaVe a WoNdeRfuL DaY!!!!!
Victoria ~Couture Unraveled~

Jul 15, 2010

your royal highness

Every girl needs a tiara...and my girls have definitely had their share of the plastic ones...but ALL have gotten broken...and they were hard to keep on and have you EVER had a little girl that wants to wear her "princess" outfit 24/7?! HAHA!!
wanted to share with you all this little princess tiara I made for my 5 year old! A sort of  "challenge" if you would call it...for myself!
I wanted to see if I could crochet a princess tiara without a pattern!! (big pat on my back...thank you!)
Here is what I came up with...
well...I don't think I did too bad!! You can't see in the picture...but this crown is cream yarn with a small gold metallic yarn mixed in so it has a little "sparkle" to it! You didn't think I could possibly make a princess crown that had NO sparkle to it...did ya?!... I do have a little "perfecting" to do to it...but in the meantime...
The little princess...
Will wear her crown...
Have a wonderful day!!
Victoria ~Couture Unraveled~

Jul 14, 2010

Who New?! is kinda gross...but...I'm gonna tell you anyway!!
I am know to get fever blisters at LEAST once a year!!
The nasty annoying thing appears on my lower is a NUISANCE!!
and UGLY!

SO...I was out camping just this last weekend when I felt "the tingle"!!
OH NO!! I am NOT prepared!! I'm in a campground for crying out loud!!
What do I do?!
I take out my trusty phone with Internet and i search "how to get rid of a fever blister"
I get the usual campho phinique, or abreeva, or whatever other brand is all out there sold in the "STORES"!
but THEN..I stumble upon this site where REAL people write what works for them...and 2 people write that what I am about to tell you worked for CrAZy as it sounds! So here it goes...the "wonder drug" (that's not a drug AT ALL!)


when i read this...i the heck...I'll give it a try...I mean I produce this on my own and it's always there...easily accessible...right?!
my "blister" never turned into a "blister" AT ALL!!
It merely just went away...It never got more than a small tingly bump!!
Now I need to put this theory to the test and won't know for sure that it was JUST the earwax that made it go away...but I won't know that until I feel that dreaded tingle AGAIN!
so until then...I say..

I know it's kinda gross...LOL!!
BTW...I didn't use "globs" of wax...just like if you put your finger in your ear when it itches...your finger get s a little wax coating on it...that's all i did...SEVERAL times a day for 2 days!!
If you have ever tried this before or after reading this...did it work for you?!

Have a wonderful day...preferably with no blisters!!LOL
Victoria ~Couture Unraveled~

Jul 13, 2010


Come join me for a tag-a-long!!!!!
If you are here from tuesday tag along

Allow me to do a quick introduction...
My name is Victoria, wife and mother to 5, and this is my Blog ~Couture Unraveled~
I started this blog primarily to try to pick up some business for my crochet items...I started the Blog having NO idea about the world of blogs...I still don't know alot about blogging and what I do know...I have found through other wonderful blogs I have read...and how did I find these wonderful blogs?!
LINKY PARTIES!!! Like this one!
They are wonderful!! 

So a BIG welcome to my new followers!! 
I hope you can take some time and go through my blog!
I am nearing 100 followers and can't be more excited about first milestone~WOOP!!
I will be doing a *GIVEAWAY* when that goal is reached!
so stay tuned....

Have a WONDERFUL tag-a-long TUESDAY!!

Tuesday Tag-Along

Jul 12, 2010

3 Dreaded Words

As a Mother of 5...The words I dread the most...mostly because there's 5 of them and they are all close in age...therefore I do not understand how this could be true...are...

So How do we fix this dilemma?!
I recently saw this idea on the net...
(sorry I don't remember where!)
So I thought I would give it a try...
It's my "MOM, I'M BORED" Jar!
I had a cookie jar sitting in my laundry room...doing I figured I would put it to good use...I took the Lid...

and the "jar" part...and decorated them...I was gonna do pictures for this part...but I figured if anyone were to make this too...they would decorate it how they wanted to! Right?!
Here it is ALL finished!!
Just something cute and fun... is what I am going to do...I hate don't really like the fact that my kids come to me and say they are bored and it seems like kids now a days are using less and less of their OWN imaginations! So although I want my jar filled with fun ideas...I also want it filled with tedious not so fun ideas deter them from having to say "Mom I'm bored" and NOT using their OWN imaginations!! I also want them to think twice about coming to me whining about being bored!
so here is some examples I will be putting in the "MOM, I'M BORED!" jar...
1. put blankets and pillows on the floor in the living room(or wherever you have floor space and couches)and play "hot lava"(remember that game..don'tch ya!LOL!)
2.go organize the shoe closet(or bedroom closet)
3. go organize a cupboard
4. call a friend or grandma or aunt or cousin...etc.
5.go make a craft
6. go color a picture for someone and mail it or give it in person!
7. go organize the movies(DVDs, VHS)
8. make up your own concoction in the kitchen using edible food of course this isn't chemistry!!
(if you have kids that are old enough or your a nice mom..not sayin that I am!hehe)
9.clean your ROOM...if yours is clean...clean you siblings room!!HAHAHA!
10. vacuum
11. wipe down walls in 1 room
(if all 5 are complaining I will get 5 rooms walls "half way" up clean!!LOL)
well...there's 11 ideas for ya...
I'd LOVE to hear them!!!!!!

Have a NOT so boring day!!
Victoria @ ~Couture Unraveled~

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