Jul 12, 2010

3 Dreaded Words

As a Mother of 5...The words I dread the most...mostly because there's 5 of them and they are all close in age...therefore I do not understand how this could be true...are...

So How do we fix this dilemma?!
I recently saw this idea on the net...
(sorry I don't remember where!)
So I thought I would give it a try...
It's my "MOM, I'M BORED" Jar!
I had a cookie jar sitting in my laundry room...doing I figured I would put it to good use...I took the Lid...

and the "jar" part...and decorated them...I was gonna do pictures for this part...but I figured if anyone were to make this too...they would decorate it how they wanted to! Right?!
Here it is ALL finished!!
Just something cute and fun... is what I am going to do...I hate don't really like the fact that my kids come to me and say they are bored and it seems like kids now a days are using less and less of their OWN imaginations! So although I want my jar filled with fun ideas...I also want it filled with tedious not so fun ideas deter them from having to say "Mom I'm bored" and NOT using their OWN imaginations!! I also want them to think twice about coming to me whining about being bored!
so here is some examples I will be putting in the "MOM, I'M BORED!" jar...
1. put blankets and pillows on the floor in the living room(or wherever you have floor space and couches)and play "hot lava"(remember that game..don'tch ya!LOL!)
2.go organize the shoe closet(or bedroom closet)
3. go organize a cupboard
4. call a friend or grandma or aunt or cousin...etc.
5.go make a craft
6. go color a picture for someone and mail it or give it in person!
7. go organize the movies(DVDs, VHS)
8. make up your own concoction in the kitchen using edible food of course this isn't chemistry!!
(if you have kids that are old enough or your a nice mom..not sayin that I am!hehe)
9.clean your ROOM...if yours is clean...clean you siblings room!!HAHAHA!
10. vacuum
11. wipe down walls in 1 room
(if all 5 are complaining I will get 5 rooms walls "half way" up clean!!LOL)
well...there's 11 ideas for ya...
I'd LOVE to hear them!!!!!!

Have a NOT so boring day!!
Victoria @ ~Couture Unraveled~

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Bree said...

Great idea! I love it. I have seen that concept but I like your thinking about the variety of fun and not so fun ideas!
I'll have to post this and link it to you as well- :)- thanks!

Ruth said...

wow what great ideas... and love the way you decorated the jar. awesome!!


Underneath His Wrapping

Kristi said...

Cute idea!!! If my kids come to me and say they are bored..I always say I can find something for you to do..and then they usually take off.. I guess they dont like my answer:)) (bc its usually to clean something)

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Fabulous idea! Found you at Buzz on By. Looking forward to reading all your posts. Check out my Eye Spy Bag. It's a boredom buster! Happy Thursday! :o)

billiemonster said...

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by at Billie Monster! I love the head bands you make and am about to head over to your Etsy store and have a gander! :o)


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