Apr 26, 2010

Custom Orders...

Saige H. Wearing a Nylon Headband with Quad Flower first time making a nylon headband...It was FUN!! and I will DEFINATELY be making more in the future!!! 

Cienna Modeling...AGAIN!! I think she makes a beautiful model!! I am Bias though!!hehe!!Cienna Modeling a Custom order Avoni Spring hat with Ties in brown!! It turned out really cute!! The Yarn I used was one I haven't used before, so I had to undo my work like 3 times to get the size right!! I just LOVE this hat though!! So Springy!!!

Apr 20, 2010

Mesh + Newsboy = ??

 The Mesh hat and the Newsboy hat collide!!!
Now I am not a very clever person when it comes to giving my crochet pieces a name...I could call it as it is...but i find that a little boring at times! but I'm just not clever enough to come up with a fun catchy name at the same time!!! Yikes!!! It is a stressful thing ya know?! you have it! The mesh hat and the newsboy hat have become one in this summer style cap! hmmm...maybe I will call it the..."summer cap"?! what do you think??
My oldest daughter Jocelyn doing the modeling this time!!
Clipped to the side of her hat is my new flower clip...I am going to call them
the sweet pea flower clip!!
I will be adding both of these to my etsy soon!!!
Bye for now!!
Victoria West ~Couture Unraveled~
Dare to become.....

Apr 10, 2010

pom-pom light~hung for good!

And there you have it!!!! It is hung where it will stay!! Looks pretty huh?! and just so y'all know...There was some SERIOUS staging here!!LOL!!

Apr 9, 2010

super cute "pom-pom" light

The other day while "Blog Hopping" I stumbled upon this really GOOD one with some really GREAT craft ideas...that can be done with little $$!! Here is the link: While snooping around her site I discovered the "You've tried it!" link at the top...that in turn lead me to the "pom-pom light" (of course I had to scroll past some other eye catchers first)

I got started pretty much immediately...made 1 and here is the finished project...

I made a cord cover because I only had green corded xmas lights...but I think the cord cover gives it just a little something extra!! SO...what do y'all think?! I would love to see pictures from other people that make them!!! Get could do different color tulle and make a "picture " out of a heart shaped center...or...a FLOWER!!! OH the possibilities!!! Have Fun!


If anyone knows of any really cool inexpensive crafts...LET'S HEAR IT!! or see it!!LOL!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! Blessings to you ALL!!

Victoria @ ~Couture Unraveled~

Apr 1, 2010


I just finished listing all my stuff on ETSY...ALOT of work but I now have 16 items on ther!!PRAY I will get some sales on there!! AND coming soon...LEG WARMERS!! I have been wanting to make some for quite sometime!! Probably while it was winter...well...better late then never!! LOL!! I just made some for one of my girls, she likes them!! I would like to "perfect" the pattern a little better before I put them as a "for sale" item!!


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