Nov 29, 2010

New Life to Old Furniture

With 5 kiddos...
you better BELIEVE I am constantly needing to bring LIFE back into my OLD furniture! Sometimes however...I need a little help!
This guest post
By Caroline Smith
will give you some FABULOUS ideas and a great website to check out to do just that!
Money is tight this time of year...but you shouldn't have to sacrifice style in your home because of it...THIS is a great post you REALLY should to read!

Easy Tips to Bring New Life to Old Furniture

When old furniture begins to look so unattractive that the thought of having visitors causes hives, it is time for action. Although your budget may be strained, a lot of older furniture can be updated without massive expenditure on new items.

The first step in giving old furniture a new lease on life is to do a survey of your home to see what is still useable. It is often surprising what is stashed away in basements, attics, or garages that can be redone. Then, it may be a good idea to look for additional furnishings on free sites like FreeCycle or Craigslist, or to purchase pieces inexpensively at yard sales. The following are ideas which may prove to be inspiring:


Sometimes simple changes can give a whole new look to home d├ęcor, and they stretch a dollar just about as far as it can go. For a noticeable difference in your home, try these projects:

• Take any bureau or vanity and remove the hardware; sand down the surface and paint. Use painters tape to mark off special areas and use two or three different colors for a more striking effect. If painting straight lines seems difficult, just dip a sponge into a complimentary color of paint and sponge on the second coat.

• Buy inexpensive fabric remnants to recover throw cushions.

• If the fabric on chairs or couches is old and frayed, the look can easily be modernized by using slipcovers rather than spending a small fortune on reupholstery. Modern slipcovers for sofas are so easy to put on and can be tossed into the washing machine whenever they need cleaning. If the cushions have low areas, fill them in with old towels before slipping the covers into place.

• Spray paint the bases of lamps for a completely new look, and watch for new lamp shades at thrift stores.


You do not have to send an old piece of furniture to the landfill if you recycle it at home. Check out these ideas for reusing household items:

• Turn an old bookcase horizontally so that it lies on its side and attach castors to the bottom. Cover a piece of foam, measured to fit the top, with a colorful tablecloth or pretty sheet and attach to the top. This creates new bench seating and extra storage at once and is great in a child’s room for putting away toys.

• Make an old couch or chair look completely new by painting the wooden arms and legs.

• Use stencils to create whimsical artwork on cabinet doors.

• Turn over an old crate or wooden box and attach a cushion for a new foot stool.

Imagination is important when working on old furniture. Let yours run wild, and you will get some extremely exciting results and save yourself several dollars in the process.

By Caroline Smith

Caroline is always looking for imaginative ways to reuse old furniture and save money. On her website you can find a variety of slipcovers for loveseats that can be used to prolong the life of beat up old furniture.

Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~

Nov 23, 2010

Hostess with the mostest

I will be Hosting Thanksgiving again this year with my small family!
(my Dad,Mom,Sister her Husband and 2 kids)
I say small because it is...
compared to my Hubby's family of 12 kids!
I'm Serious!
Although my Mom came from a large 12 kid family and I LOVED getting together during the Holidays! A memory I am Thankful for!

I get so excited this time of year!
Thanksgiving is the start of the Holiday season!
I hope you ALL get to spend the Holidays surrounded by Loved ones!
and good food! ;)

On a different note...I wanted to share with you all my
I have had the stuff to make my own wreath for quite awhile now...
I FINALLY broke out the materials and MADE it...
"jump around, jump around,jump up,jump up and get down"
(yes, that's a song!)
OK..Here it is....

OK! So it's not the "grandest" wreath...but it looks alright
Doesn't it?!
Doesn't IT?!

These darned rosettes used up ALL my hot glue sticks...and took me a LONG time to make!LOL!
but they sure look pretty!

I gotta get BAKING now!
I'm the

Wishing EVERYONE a HaPPy Thanksgiving!

Who's going shopping this FRIDAY?!

Nov 19, 2010



I am SO excited to be able to announce the winner of the $35 CSN GC giveaway!!!
This is the 1st giveaway I have done!!
(besides my ~Couture Unraveled~ but that can't count!LOL)
I sure hope I can bring more Giveaways to you in the future!! If YOU have a product you'd like me to do a Giveaway for...Please click the PR Friendly tab above!! Thank You!!!

and now.......
The winner is........

comment number 162 picked by Random Generator at

"I don't see anyone stealing your luggage with this one - Britto Collection By Heys USA Britto 30" Butterfly Spinner Case"


An Email has been sent out!! You have 24hrs. to claim your wins!!

Thank YOU to all who entered and to all my *NEW* friends!!!

Have a great Friday!!

Nov 17, 2010

Turkey meatballs and gravy

I LOVE me a good Turkey Dinner...and I LOVE me some meatballs!!
So anytime you can make a meatball that tastes like a Turkey dinner in a ball
I'm game!
Here's how it all began...
Once upon a time.... 
Just Kidding!
Seriously now...
My sister was on the Weight Watchers plan and one of the meats that is low in fat and calories is ground she experimented and made Turkey meatballs in a muffin tin...
although they were still good...they were a little dry.
So I took what she did and changed it up a bit
(I'm not on the Weight Watchers this recipe is a little less...OK...ALOT less"healthy" than hers was!) To make it more healthy...omit the frying part and JUST bake them...also omit the cream gravy part!)

2~1.25lb packages ground turkey
1 box stuffing mix (we use stove top)
4T. mayonnaise (I actually did like 2 heaping T.'s)
2 eggs
salt and pepper to taste

Put all ingredients except stuffing mix into the bowl and mix it up a bit
(I used my hands and they FROZE! a spoon works OK too)

add the box of stuffing mix
(if you are halving this recipe...only use 1/2 the package or less) 
and dare to get dirty!! Your hands!
Dig in and mix it all together...Yes!
how could something that looks THIS gross turn into something so YUMMY?!
Put enough oil to cover the bottom of your skillet and turn the burner onto medium to medium high heat. 
 Let it warm up a bit before adding any meatballs. start making your meatballs...the size is totally up to you...I made mine by putting a glob into the palm of my curved hand! A cookie scoop would probably work good too!!
Now add them to the heated oil

let them cook for about 5 min. or so...on the one side than flip them over and let them brown on the other side

they should look something like this.
Keep flipping until pretty much all the sides are browned. 
(they do not get cooked through at this point...we are just trying to brown them.)
Once you are done with the browning..put them into a baking dish *they don't have to be a single layer*
If you plan to make the NOT scrape out the skillet...and just set it off to the side...mine had no "oil" left behind...if yours has quite a bit of oil left behind...go ahead and drain that...just don't scrape the pan all out or rinse it out..very bad...very very bad!hehe!
So...are you starting to drool yet?!
I know I am!
add water to the bottom of the baking dish...about 1 inch of water
*Don't skip this part...we will be using the water later...and it adds steam while baking so it helps prevent drying out!*

cover the pan with tinfoil and place it into a preheated oven set at 350*
this will bake for 45 min.- 1 hour! Depends on how soon you need want to eat!

Once the meatballs have cooked for the about 40 min. - 50 min. start the gravy....
I like to make a cream gravy for this...but If you by chance have some turkey gravy that you can definitely use that and skip this part!

Grab the skillet you fried the meatballs know...the one I told you to put aside and NOT scrape out!!
Yep...that one!

Put it back on the burner cuz we're gonna make a roux!!YAHOO!
add about 4 T. of butter or margarine into the skillet and add 1/4C. flour to it melt them together over a medium heat...I so forgot to take a pic of this...sorry!
It should be a semi thick paste.

Next add some rule of thumb is just dump milk into the skillet till you have your desired amount of "gravy"

Cook the milk and the roux together over a medium high heat until it starts to boil.  At this point it will start to thicken. then turn the heat down to a medium heat.
add some salt and pepper and all the chicken bouillon cubes. Cook until bouillon cubes dissolve.
Now take out the meatballs and fold back one corner of the tinfoil and dump(or you can use a turkey baster)the juice into the gravy...THIS is most of your flavor! Uncover the meatballs turn your oven off and put your meatballs BACK into the oven...this gets rid of any "juice" left behind and keeps the meatballs warm while you finish up the gravy!
Now just mix it up! The rest is a matter of taste and add...
taste it...does it need anything?!
salt? pepper?

I have a couple gravy tricks to share with you:
1. if you "accidentally" over salt your gravy...add a little counteracts the salt...
tried,tested & proven to be true! ;)
2. If you "accidentally" burn the gravy a little...add a teaspoon(at a time)of peanut butter until you no longer have the "burnt" taste!!
tried,tested & proven to be true
by yours truly!!LOL!

Now...serve yourself up a plate of Deliciousness....

Oh! MAN!!! YUM!!! YUM!!! YUM!!!!

and did I mention

I do hope you enjoy this meal! and if you EVER try it...PLEASE come back and tell me what you think of it!!
I will leave you all with a picture of My husbands plate:
(He made me do it!hehe)
First...I must tell you...the night I made these turkey Husband and my Dad were cooking up the pheasant my Husband hunted...My Mom and I are just.Not.That. Into WE ate the turkey's the pic:

If anyone is interested in a Recipe post for the pheasant..let me know!

Have a wonderful "hump" day and rest of the week!!

Don't forget to Enter my Giveaway!!!

Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~

Nov 15, 2010

FABULOUS Twin Bed Idea

I recently separated my 2 girls(9 and 4 yrs old)into 2 different rooms....yeah...I had to give up my computer/toy/craft/storage/"where do I put that...oh! this room works" room to do now all that stuff sits in our never used living room or is it family room?!
whichever it is!
(that always confuses me!LOL)

My oldest has decided to take that room even though it's a bit smaller than the one they were sharing, she likes it because it's a bit closer to her Mama and Daddy's room! and the living room where she can hear the t.v. on so she can feel secure knowing that her Mom and Dad are still awake watching T.V.!
Yeah...I was TOTALLY the same way as a kid!! Anyone else out there a freak like me and my daughter?!

OK...on with the post...a LONG time ago I found this REALLY AWESOME site called Under the Sycamore by Ashley Anne Photography 
Seriously!!...this girl IS TALENTED!! Not only can she take FABULOUS Photos...she's Crafty too!!

DO NOT click on the link above unless you have HOURS time to kill!!

SO anyway...I saw this bed that she had done...granted hers is for a reading area and I want it for an ACTUAL bed...I think it serves both purposes well!
Here's the pic:

Is this not ADORABLE?!
It looks so fabulous for a kid or tween or "thinks she's a tween" bed!! It has this cottage/chic collide with fun colors look!!HA!
We have carpet...but I think I'm going to add the wheels I think the slats in the Pallets look like good book shelves...hey?!

So tell me what you think...would this be a cute Bed for a 9 year old girl?

FYI~The Hubs has officially been put on a "track me down some pallets" mission!!
I will update as I can!!LOL



Nov 12, 2010

Better late then NEVER

I NOW have a Twitter account!!
Still have A TON to learn about it...but it would be really cool if you became my follower!!
you can find me by searching:

It wouldn't let me do my WHOLE name! ugh!

also...don't forget to enter my giveaway!!
Have a WONDERFUL Friday!!!

Nov 10, 2010


I was recently contacted by a CSN Representative and asked if I would be interested in doing either a Review or a giveaway...I thought...GIVEAWAY!
What a GREAT way to say Thank YOU to all my readers!!
Holidays are coming and it is the BUSIEST time of the year for travel!!
If your anything like me, not saying you are, but if you were...
your luggage maybe looks something like this...
YIKES! I'd say It's time to update the luggage!!!
and YEP...with 5 kids and a shoe fetish I need LOTS of IT!

This suitcase is EXACTLY what I need!
It Expands! 1 1/4 inches of Extra "stuff" space!
How Cool is THAT?! Actually I don't need just 1! I need like 3!!

This set is just perfect for a family vacation!!
The Quattro Euro 4-Piece Luggage
Isn't it beautiful?! It comes in 5 different colors or patterns!!
This set is ideal for any traveler whether they are going away for the weekend or a few weeks!
if you just plain need like 1 WHOLE suitcase for SHOES!!
OK..let's not forget about the Men in you life...
check out these wallets! A GREAT Christmas gift!
How classy is this Laptop Briefcase?!
Whoot Whew!

Let's not stop there though....CHECK these out Backpacks?!
1 word
These are from the Zoo Pack line!!

Perfect Christmas gift for the Pre-Schooler or Kindergartner!!
or use it just for a "day trip" bag!!
I'm getting excited...let's do the GIVEAWAY!

How would one of you like to WIN a $35.00 GC which can be used at ANY CSN online store?!
CSN sell items ranging from Kitchen utensils to furniture! From Baby and kids items to Home Improvement! Pretty much EVERYTHING!!
 CSN is comprised of more than 200 different shopping sites under the overall umbrella.
OK...To enter this giveaway you can:
{1 entry} Go check out the suitcase section and come back and tell me what's your favorite
{1 entry} Become a blog follower of ~Couture Unraveled~
{1 entry} Become a fan of ~Couture Unraveled~ on facebook
(type ~Couture Unraveled~ into the search box)
{3 entries(3 separate comments)} Blog, Facebook or Tweet about this giveaway
comment with the link.

Good Luck!
Giveaway will end Nov. 18Th
 @ midnight pacific time

Nov 9, 2010

Kid APPROVED Chilli recipe with Pics

~Couture Unraveled~
Kid approved Chili Recipe
I don't usually share recipes on my Blog...well...I actually have NEVER shared a recipe on my Blog...quite frankly because it has nothing to do with crafting or crocheting, BUT it totally does fall under the CREATING category which is what my blog says it's about...right?! YES!

I also must share the fact that I have a rather "boring" palette...sorry...I use to be one of those "picky" eaters...I maybe sorta kinda still am...just NOT as bad!!LOL

As I have mentioned before I am a mother of can bet your booty I got myself a "picky" eater!
(1 out of 5 isn't too bad though..hey?!)
So I thought I would share with you my...yes...MY chili recipe...with the cool fall weather and soon to be cold winter weather...moving in
unless you are one of those that chose to live in the "summer" all year round ;)......
I figured chili is a good recipe to share!

Now my family and I think this Chili is "the bomb"! I don't claim it to win any "chili" contests in any sort of way...heck...with my palette... I probably wouldn't even TRY most of those chilli's!LOL!

Let's get started....Apron ON!
1 lb. Ground beef
(you could also add 1/2 lb. ground pork to this...would be yummy!)
1 onion
2 15.5oz. cans chili beans
1 15.25oz. can kidney beans
2 14.5 oz. can(or 1 LARGE can) Diced tomatoes
(powder works fine too)
salt and pepper
chili powder
1 packet chili mix
(sold in hot and mild..that's your call!) 
(sold by the taco seasoning and gravy packets)
bay leaf
optional toppings:
cheddar or mozzarella cheese
crackers, corn chips, tortilla chips
sour cream
and last BUT certainly not least...a tradition for us and maybe for many...
where we grew up...they just simply went didn't have chili...unless you had Cinnamon rolls to go with's bordering on "sin"! ;)

see...not THAT much to it!

Let's cook...
first...saute your onion in a little(1 T.) butter or margarine
I use about 1/2 of a small to medium onion

then go ahead and toss in your beef(and ground pork if adding)
fry it up...
make sure it is COMPLETELY cooked through!
and add some garlic...I buy a big bottle of chopped garlic..but i use to use garlic powder...
there is no science here...add as much or as little as you want!
(OK..I'll give an approximate amt.~ 1 T. chopped or use the amount it says makes 1 whole garlic on the bottle of garlic powder...that should work!) 
Add your salt, pepper, and about 1 T. chili powder to your meat.

add about 1 C. Ketchup

and about 1/2 C. mustard to your meat
mix it
it should look like a REAL thick sloppy Joe mix!
NOW we add ALL the canned goodness!

to me...this Chili left like this is TOO thick! We like ours more soupy!
I add water till it fills the pan FULL! ;)
(sorry...this pic got a little get the idea though...right?!)
if you like it thicker, add less water...but do add just enough water to cover the "chili"
Back to the STOVE!
Where we add MORE FIRE!!! or Chili powder!
I add another 2-4 T. of chili powder...depending on how spicy I want it!
and sometimes i need to add more salt and pepper...taste it to see if you feel it needs more of these things!
add your bay leaf...
and let simmer with the lid on for as long as you like!!
I would say a minimum of at least 1/2 hour though!

add WHATEVER yummy toppings you like...Don't forget the CINNAMON ROLLS and ENJOY!!

I have a slight confession to make...I DID NOT have Cinnamon rolls on this day..I KNOW! I'm SORRY!
BUT...I had a loaf of french bread that I SLATHERED in butter then added some cinnamon sugar to and was my CINNAMON ROLL wasn't the same...but it was still YUMMY!

Thanks for visiting ~Couture Unraveled~
and if you try this recipe...I would LOVE to hear your thoughts...good or gentle!

Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~

Nov 8, 2010

~Couture Unraveled~ PR friendly?!

~Couture Unraveled~ is going to start doing Reviews and Giveaways!!
(isn't that what PR friendly is?! stop laughing!)

I have done a couple giveaways in the past for some of my own items...I have even had my stuff reviewed and be given away on other blogs...but HOW FUN it would be to be able to do giveaways of some of YOUR stuff from MY blog??!!!

I am going to do my very FIRST giveaway coming up REAL soon!! I will keep it a secret as to WHO and WHAT the giveaway will be from and for!!

Just know that you WILL want to keep watch!!

In the meantime...if you are AT ALL interested in having me review one of your products...
did I mention I am a Mother of 5 KIDS?!
(Don't believe me...look at my side bar..there they are lookin so snazzy for the pic! ;)
you can contact me @ 

I look forward to bringing this NEW section to my Blog!! I hope you will like it TOO!!!
Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~

 If you live in the Tri-Cities Wa. area and want a chance to win a Christmas Photo shoot from
click on the link and go to her facebook page to see how!!
 (there may be a little somethin in there from ~Couture Unraveled~ too...shhhh!)

Nov 4, 2010

Kids Craft and are you still here?

YES! I'm still HERE!
Life right now...
has been
You guys must have thought i seriously dropped off the face of the earth...right?!
Well...let me fill you in a little as to why I have been gone for SO LONG!!!
(Craft is posted after ALL my blah blah blahing!)

First off...this Mama had to go in and have a D and C done little over a month ago...then 3 weeks ago my POOR POOR baby went in and had his tonsils and adenoids taken out!! I KNOW! POOR THING! right?!
He got released that day because he was doing SOOO good!!! That was until his drugs wore off at yeah...we ended up in the ER the next night with an IV and a different pain medicine prescription!!
He is pretty much FULLY healed..and although I HATED every SECOND of him being in pain...oh...and the SMELLY SMELLY Smelly breath he had!!!WHEW!!!
He sleeps so more snoring or sleep apnea...
Life is finally getting back to normal...if my life is ANYTHING normal?! Well..whatever it's coming BACK!hehe!
as IF my Life isn't already busy...i have decided i would like to do crafts with OTHER ladies!! Coffee, Laughter, Crafting...what could be more FUN than THAT?!
So I am starting a Ladies Craft Day once a month!! I will have my camera in tow...and will post some pics of us in action...crafting and drinking coffee!!
Can't WAIT!!!!
Here is a craft me and my 3 1/2 year old did...did I mention I LOVE spending time with him alone while the other kids are at school?! It's so sweet!
OK...back to work..the craft...
first of all...
 I got this craft from the Family Fun magazine...if you have that magazine...isn't it AWESOME?! If you don't have it...get IT! ;)
You will need:
~1 C. sand
 (if you live by the got it made...if not...i got mine from Dollar tree but I have seen it at Walmart! woop!)
~1/2 C. cornstarch
~1 t. Alum (sold by the spices)
(stainless steel or OLD one you don't care about)
~wooden spoon
(I've never been good at following rules..i used a rubber worked fine for me?!)
~3/4 C. water
(I seriously used WHATEVER I could find!)

~add the sand,cornstarch, and alum to a saucepan and use a wooden(hehe) spoon to combine them completely.
~add the water and stir the mixture until it is smooth and the cornstarch is dissolved.
(My little "shirtless" boy wanted to help do some stirring...stir away "shirtless" boy...stir away...)
looks like milk! I assure you it is NOT milk! ;)
~cook the clay over medium-low heat , stirring occasionally.
the clay should start to thicken within a minute or two. stir more vigorously, being sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the pan.
~after about 3 minutes of cooking,the clay will have thickened to the consistency of play dough. remove the clay from the pan. once it 's COOLED enough to touch, you can start sculpting.
(for best results use the clay within a day or two of mixing it)
"Shirtless" learned how to make balls out of clay...
he did pretty good!
I think I will put him to work next time I make sugar cookies!!
One thing I really like about this project was that it really wasn't that messy!!
 "shirtless" is almost done with his "snow~people" there not "quite" balls...but hey! he's only 3..and he had SOOOO much FUN!!! ;)
now THIS is where you get craft-ay! grab your have to use your imagination here...i had these little sequence beads on hand...there pretty cheap if you want to buy them!
 I used them for buttons,eyes,and the nose!!
(I couldn't find ANYTHING that was shaped like a "carrot" nose!!)
I went outside and found some small twigs...
This little guy has arms now!!!

I had NO idea what I was gonna use for a top i went into our dump garage and thumbed through the Hubby's work bench...and found these screws that have the shape of a top hat at the top!! I was SOOO EXCITED! I quickly sprayed a little bit of black spray paint on it...let it dry a few minutes..then stuck it in!! I would have gotten was too excited about my brilliant good idea! sorry!
for the rest of my snow~family I had to get creative!

I wanted something "different" for the arms on the snow~couple...
I found some small screw hooks..(.is that correct terminology?!)..oh well...
They made cute little arms...don't you think?! ;)
and the snow~lady is wearing a bling ring turned hat!
(In other words it was a left over birthday party ring with the "ring" part cut off!!LOL!)
~The clay should dry completely within a week...if any pieces
are taken off by kids that can't leave them alone
 fall off after clay dries...
you can reattach it with tacky glue! So...maybe this is a little early...I don't care...I only had white sand and i couldn't think of anything else to make with white IS coming!! ;)
Have FUN!!
and NOW...

I would like to introduce to you the Snow~Family!!
For more FUN FAMILY crafts...go get yourself a subscription of Disney Family Fun magazine!!!!
1 more thing...I want to share with you a couple projects my husband has done and is doing...
This is the shed my Husband built (with a little help) at my Parents new house!!
YUP! That's HIM in the doorway!! woot whew!! ;)
and right next to it he is building a play house for my kids(we rent so we built it over there)
I will post pictures as it comes along! My kids are VERY excited to get to play in it!!
Victoria W. 
~Couture Unraveled~


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