Nov 4, 2010

Kids Craft and are you still here?

YES! I'm still HERE!
Life right now...
has been
You guys must have thought i seriously dropped off the face of the earth...right?!
Well...let me fill you in a little as to why I have been gone for SO LONG!!!
(Craft is posted after ALL my blah blah blahing!)

First off...this Mama had to go in and have a D and C done little over a month ago...then 3 weeks ago my POOR POOR baby went in and had his tonsils and adenoids taken out!! I KNOW! POOR THING! right?!
He got released that day because he was doing SOOO good!!! That was until his drugs wore off at yeah...we ended up in the ER the next night with an IV and a different pain medicine prescription!!
He is pretty much FULLY healed..and although I HATED every SECOND of him being in pain...oh...and the SMELLY SMELLY Smelly breath he had!!!WHEW!!!
He sleeps so more snoring or sleep apnea...
Life is finally getting back to normal...if my life is ANYTHING normal?! Well..whatever it's coming BACK!hehe!
as IF my Life isn't already busy...i have decided i would like to do crafts with OTHER ladies!! Coffee, Laughter, Crafting...what could be more FUN than THAT?!
So I am starting a Ladies Craft Day once a month!! I will have my camera in tow...and will post some pics of us in action...crafting and drinking coffee!!
Can't WAIT!!!!
Here is a craft me and my 3 1/2 year old did...did I mention I LOVE spending time with him alone while the other kids are at school?! It's so sweet!
OK...back to work..the craft...
first of all...
 I got this craft from the Family Fun magazine...if you have that magazine...isn't it AWESOME?! If you don't have it...get IT! ;)
You will need:
~1 C. sand
 (if you live by the got it made...if not...i got mine from Dollar tree but I have seen it at Walmart! woop!)
~1/2 C. cornstarch
~1 t. Alum (sold by the spices)
(stainless steel or OLD one you don't care about)
~wooden spoon
(I've never been good at following rules..i used a rubber worked fine for me?!)
~3/4 C. water
(I seriously used WHATEVER I could find!)

~add the sand,cornstarch, and alum to a saucepan and use a wooden(hehe) spoon to combine them completely.
~add the water and stir the mixture until it is smooth and the cornstarch is dissolved.
(My little "shirtless" boy wanted to help do some stirring...stir away "shirtless" boy...stir away...)
looks like milk! I assure you it is NOT milk! ;)
~cook the clay over medium-low heat , stirring occasionally.
the clay should start to thicken within a minute or two. stir more vigorously, being sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the pan.
~after about 3 minutes of cooking,the clay will have thickened to the consistency of play dough. remove the clay from the pan. once it 's COOLED enough to touch, you can start sculpting.
(for best results use the clay within a day or two of mixing it)
"Shirtless" learned how to make balls out of clay...
he did pretty good!
I think I will put him to work next time I make sugar cookies!!
One thing I really like about this project was that it really wasn't that messy!!
 "shirtless" is almost done with his "snow~people" there not "quite" balls...but hey! he's only 3..and he had SOOOO much FUN!!! ;)
now THIS is where you get craft-ay! grab your have to use your imagination here...i had these little sequence beads on hand...there pretty cheap if you want to buy them!
 I used them for buttons,eyes,and the nose!!
(I couldn't find ANYTHING that was shaped like a "carrot" nose!!)
I went outside and found some small twigs...
This little guy has arms now!!!

I had NO idea what I was gonna use for a top i went into our dump garage and thumbed through the Hubby's work bench...and found these screws that have the shape of a top hat at the top!! I was SOOO EXCITED! I quickly sprayed a little bit of black spray paint on it...let it dry a few minutes..then stuck it in!! I would have gotten was too excited about my brilliant good idea! sorry!
for the rest of my snow~family I had to get creative!

I wanted something "different" for the arms on the snow~couple...
I found some small screw hooks..(.is that correct terminology?!)..oh well...
They made cute little arms...don't you think?! ;)
and the snow~lady is wearing a bling ring turned hat!
(In other words it was a left over birthday party ring with the "ring" part cut off!!LOL!)
~The clay should dry completely within a week...if any pieces
are taken off by kids that can't leave them alone
 fall off after clay dries...
you can reattach it with tacky glue! So...maybe this is a little early...I don't care...I only had white sand and i couldn't think of anything else to make with white IS coming!! ;)
Have FUN!!
and NOW...

I would like to introduce to you the Snow~Family!!
For more FUN FAMILY crafts...go get yourself a subscription of Disney Family Fun magazine!!!!
1 more thing...I want to share with you a couple projects my husband has done and is doing...
This is the shed my Husband built (with a little help) at my Parents new house!!
YUP! That's HIM in the doorway!! woot whew!! ;)
and right next to it he is building a play house for my kids(we rent so we built it over there)
I will post pictures as it comes along! My kids are VERY excited to get to play in it!!
Victoria W. 
~Couture Unraveled~

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