Nov 29, 2010

New Life to Old Furniture

With 5 kiddos...
you better BELIEVE I am constantly needing to bring LIFE back into my OLD furniture! Sometimes however...I need a little help!
This guest post
By Caroline Smith
will give you some FABULOUS ideas and a great website to check out to do just that!
Money is tight this time of year...but you shouldn't have to sacrifice style in your home because of it...THIS is a great post you REALLY should to read!

Easy Tips to Bring New Life to Old Furniture

When old furniture begins to look so unattractive that the thought of having visitors causes hives, it is time for action. Although your budget may be strained, a lot of older furniture can be updated without massive expenditure on new items.

The first step in giving old furniture a new lease on life is to do a survey of your home to see what is still useable. It is often surprising what is stashed away in basements, attics, or garages that can be redone. Then, it may be a good idea to look for additional furnishings on free sites like FreeCycle or Craigslist, or to purchase pieces inexpensively at yard sales. The following are ideas which may prove to be inspiring:


Sometimes simple changes can give a whole new look to home décor, and they stretch a dollar just about as far as it can go. For a noticeable difference in your home, try these projects:

• Take any bureau or vanity and remove the hardware; sand down the surface and paint. Use painters tape to mark off special areas and use two or three different colors for a more striking effect. If painting straight lines seems difficult, just dip a sponge into a complimentary color of paint and sponge on the second coat.

• Buy inexpensive fabric remnants to recover throw cushions.

• If the fabric on chairs or couches is old and frayed, the look can easily be modernized by using slipcovers rather than spending a small fortune on reupholstery. Modern slipcovers for sofas are so easy to put on and can be tossed into the washing machine whenever they need cleaning. If the cushions have low areas, fill them in with old towels before slipping the covers into place.

• Spray paint the bases of lamps for a completely new look, and watch for new lamp shades at thrift stores.


You do not have to send an old piece of furniture to the landfill if you recycle it at home. Check out these ideas for reusing household items:

• Turn an old bookcase horizontally so that it lies on its side and attach castors to the bottom. Cover a piece of foam, measured to fit the top, with a colorful tablecloth or pretty sheet and attach to the top. This creates new bench seating and extra storage at once and is great in a child’s room for putting away toys.

• Make an old couch or chair look completely new by painting the wooden arms and legs.

• Use stencils to create whimsical artwork on cabinet doors.

• Turn over an old crate or wooden box and attach a cushion for a new foot stool.

Imagination is important when working on old furniture. Let yours run wild, and you will get some extremely exciting results and save yourself several dollars in the process.

By Caroline Smith

Caroline is always looking for imaginative ways to reuse old furniture and save money. On her website you can find a variety of slipcovers for loveseats that can be used to prolong the life of beat up old furniture.

Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~


Heather said...

I love new tips on refurbishing old things we have around our houses! Especially in these financially trying times. Thanks ~Heather

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