Nov 9, 2010

Kid APPROVED Chilli recipe with Pics

~Couture Unraveled~
Kid approved Chili Recipe
I don't usually share recipes on my Blog...well...I actually have NEVER shared a recipe on my Blog...quite frankly because it has nothing to do with crafting or crocheting, BUT it totally does fall under the CREATING category which is what my blog says it's about...right?! YES!

I also must share the fact that I have a rather "boring" palette...sorry...I use to be one of those "picky" eaters...I maybe sorta kinda still am...just NOT as bad!!LOL

As I have mentioned before I am a mother of can bet your booty I got myself a "picky" eater!
(1 out of 5 isn't too bad though..hey?!)
So I thought I would share with you my...yes...MY chili recipe...with the cool fall weather and soon to be cold winter weather...moving in
unless you are one of those that chose to live in the "summer" all year round ;)......
I figured chili is a good recipe to share!

Now my family and I think this Chili is "the bomb"! I don't claim it to win any "chili" contests in any sort of way...heck...with my palette... I probably wouldn't even TRY most of those chilli's!LOL!

Let's get started....Apron ON!
1 lb. Ground beef
(you could also add 1/2 lb. ground pork to this...would be yummy!)
1 onion
2 15.5oz. cans chili beans
1 15.25oz. can kidney beans
2 14.5 oz. can(or 1 LARGE can) Diced tomatoes
(powder works fine too)
salt and pepper
chili powder
1 packet chili mix
(sold in hot and mild..that's your call!) 
(sold by the taco seasoning and gravy packets)
bay leaf
optional toppings:
cheddar or mozzarella cheese
crackers, corn chips, tortilla chips
sour cream
and last BUT certainly not least...a tradition for us and maybe for many...
where we grew up...they just simply went didn't have chili...unless you had Cinnamon rolls to go with's bordering on "sin"! ;)

see...not THAT much to it!

Let's cook...
first...saute your onion in a little(1 T.) butter or margarine
I use about 1/2 of a small to medium onion

then go ahead and toss in your beef(and ground pork if adding)
fry it up...
make sure it is COMPLETELY cooked through!
and add some garlic...I buy a big bottle of chopped garlic..but i use to use garlic powder...
there is no science here...add as much or as little as you want!
(OK..I'll give an approximate amt.~ 1 T. chopped or use the amount it says makes 1 whole garlic on the bottle of garlic powder...that should work!) 
Add your salt, pepper, and about 1 T. chili powder to your meat.

add about 1 C. Ketchup

and about 1/2 C. mustard to your meat
mix it
it should look like a REAL thick sloppy Joe mix!
NOW we add ALL the canned goodness!

to me...this Chili left like this is TOO thick! We like ours more soupy!
I add water till it fills the pan FULL! ;)
(sorry...this pic got a little get the idea though...right?!)
if you like it thicker, add less water...but do add just enough water to cover the "chili"
Back to the STOVE!
Where we add MORE FIRE!!! or Chili powder!
I add another 2-4 T. of chili powder...depending on how spicy I want it!
and sometimes i need to add more salt and pepper...taste it to see if you feel it needs more of these things!
add your bay leaf...
and let simmer with the lid on for as long as you like!!
I would say a minimum of at least 1/2 hour though!

add WHATEVER yummy toppings you like...Don't forget the CINNAMON ROLLS and ENJOY!!

I have a slight confession to make...I DID NOT have Cinnamon rolls on this day..I KNOW! I'm SORRY!
BUT...I had a loaf of french bread that I SLATHERED in butter then added some cinnamon sugar to and was my CINNAMON ROLL wasn't the same...but it was still YUMMY!

Thanks for visiting ~Couture Unraveled~
and if you try this recipe...I would LOVE to hear your thoughts...good or gentle!

Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~


~Dawn~ said...

Oh how I WISH I had this recipe over the weekend. I had such a terrible experience with a chili recipe I got from someone elses' blog that I made for my jewelry party. Luckily my husband has a knack for cooking (cuz I sure don't) and saved the chili in time for the party. I will definitley try this one, tho and let you know how it comes out. Sounds much easier and better than the one I tried over the weekend.

Thanks! :)


Brandie said...

Look easy enough! I just bought some random ingredients to try making up my own chili, but i might just try yours instead! And I've never heard of cinnamon rolls going with it...grew up eating it with cornbread :)

Thanks for sharing!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Beautiful recipe for the winter! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for linking up to your blog hop, I'm already following you :)

Jessica - Mom of all Trades said...

Thanks for following me at Mom of all Trades! I'm following you back.


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