Nov 8, 2010

~Couture Unraveled~ PR friendly?!

~Couture Unraveled~ is going to start doing Reviews and Giveaways!!
(isn't that what PR friendly is?! stop laughing!)

I have done a couple giveaways in the past for some of my own items...I have even had my stuff reviewed and be given away on other blogs...but HOW FUN it would be to be able to do giveaways of some of YOUR stuff from MY blog??!!!

I am going to do my very FIRST giveaway coming up REAL soon!! I will keep it a secret as to WHO and WHAT the giveaway will be from and for!!

Just know that you WILL want to keep watch!!

In the meantime...if you are AT ALL interested in having me review one of your products...
did I mention I am a Mother of 5 KIDS?!
(Don't believe me...look at my side bar..there they are lookin so snazzy for the pic! ;)
you can contact me @ 

I look forward to bringing this NEW section to my Blog!! I hope you will like it TOO!!!
Victoria W.
~Couture Unraveled~

 If you live in the Tri-Cities Wa. area and want a chance to win a Christmas Photo shoot from
click on the link and go to her facebook page to see how!!
 (there may be a little somethin in there from ~Couture Unraveled~ too...shhhh!)

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