Aug 20, 2010

Vacation's...all I ever WANTED

 to take care of a little business
(blah...I know...who wants to talk business!)
the winner of the GIVEAWAY
was going to be announced on Sunday by noon...due to our sudden mini vaca...I will not be able to post the winner until closer to that evening!! If I am able to do it before that...I will...but just to be on the safe side!
back to the original posting...=D

We ARE going on a mini yet BIG Vacation before school starts!!!
is where we will be going!!!!
It's called Silver Mountain Resort In Northern Idaho!!
There is a HUGE indoor water park,golfing,ATVs,bike riding,rafting,fishing,scenic gondola rides(oh YEAH!)
and they also have winter activities listed like skiing and snowboarding!!
and don't even get me started on their rooms!!
Since we have sooooo many kids...we had to go with
The Loft

of COURSE my kids think the spiral staircase is THE COOLEST!!!!!HA!
I think the Hubby will be lucky if he EVER gets me to LEAVE!!
This is one trip I BETTER not forget my Camera!!!!
I will be posting my mini vaca pics when I get back...and maybe I can tell you more about this place...AFTER I have actually been there!!!
Everyone Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!

Only 2 more days to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!!
Blessings all!!!


Teresa Matson said...

I'm hoping to go here in the winter sometime. Love the thought of staying in this cozy "lodge" while its snowing I want winter! Have a FABULOUS time!!

CurlyJ said...

Look awesome!!! Have fun! :)


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