Sep 16, 2010

Halloween/Fall Flower clips

I Love FALL!!
The colors, pumpkins, candles burning, cooler evenings...etc!
I was very excited when I was asked awhile back if I would like to offer a couple of my Crochet flower clips as a giveaway prize for a Halloween Blog Bash put on by,
(September 26th-October 10th)
there will be...
How FUN does that sound?!
I LOVE giving my stuff away as prizes!!
I love to be able to put smiles on other peoples faces...
a satisfaction like no other!
So...since this was a Halloween/Fall Blog Bash...I made these 2 flower clips for the theme... 
Pumpkin Patch Party clip!!
(say that 3 times fast!LOL)
I LOVE this one!!!
 I envision it clipped onto a black headband or a black hat!!!
and the...
Triple Petal Scarecrow Clip
Who doesn't love a scarecrow?!
It's like one of the ultimate fall characters!!
I Love this clip too! I think the scarecrow is too darn cute!!
 I guess it's suppose to be ScaRy!!
I don't thinks it's succeeding...I mean look at that stitched smile! I can't help but smile looking at it!!LOL!
I am entertaining the thought of putting these on my Etsy for the Fall season!
What do you think..
are these clips
"Etsy" worthy?!
These would make great Teacher gifts...Teachers always dress the season!!
I LOVE that about Teachers!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!! Friday is just around the corner!! Woop! Woop!!
I am really Excited for Friday...I am heading out to Spokane with a couple friends to go to the
Women of Faith  concert!!
This will be my 3rd time!!!
It's a weekend filled with uplifting inspirations, music, good friends...
and of course we will sneak in some shopping too!!
Can't WAIT!!!
(except now I have to go finish my laundry...blah!)


Ruth said...

wow those look so beautiful!!

Emily said...

Well I think so, but I tend to be biased! :) I love everything you make, and if I had kiddos in school I would for sure get them for them.
Hope you had fun at the concert!
Hey don't forget to grab our event button!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

They are gorgeous!! Thank you so much!!

Jessica said...

I love the colors of fall!! I am blog hopping today and would like to invite you to my blogs to say hello and follow any that interests you!! is my family blog where I blog about our busy life happenings, etc. Have a blessed Wednesday!!


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