Feb 17, 2010

what's up... I have this bazaar coming up in March and I am STILL waiting for a package of infant size alligator clips to come in the mail! It is taking much longer than i anticipated, so now I am getting a bit anxious!! LOL! I am planning on making infant size hair clips and hopeing they will still be able to clip onto the hats...aaaaannnnddd...hopeing they will also work to make shoe clips?! I sure hope they will be in the mail this the mean time...i have been working on a couple's a couple of the items...

This purse was my very first one to make!! It was a bit of a challenge because I started out using a pattern, then decided I didn't quite like the pattern, so I winged it from there!! I think it turned out pretty good!! It is for a 10 or 11 year old girl...made by request!! The flower is also a clip and can be worn wherever her little heart desires...or as a hair clip as well...versatilty is AWESOME!!!

I personally LOVE this newsboy style hat, I made one for myself in grey!! This one is for a 12 year old girl...I think she will LOVE it too!! This hat can fit about a 8 year old all the way up to a sm. to med. women's head!!(instead of flower i do a button on one side of strap for adult hats)Awesome hey?! The flower is completely interchangeable and can be worn alone as just a clip...u can get a flower in almost ANY color or 2 tone color to go with any outfit!! You can also get the pattern here...
HaVe A BleSSeD DaY!!!!

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Jenni said...

I love that hat!!! its sooo cute!!!!


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