Feb 11, 2010

Behind the scenes...

Hello!! How is everyone today?? I am crocheting, crocheting, crocheting!! My dinner table has become filled with yarn, needles, and some finished projects...who needs to eat anyway? right?!

I have decided to start a blog to show the stuff I make and i suppse I will try to tell ya what's up in my life from time to time...right now i have stuff for sale on Etsy...It has brought me no luck so for now, I think I will just leave the few things I have listed on there, and any new things I will put on here, If you are interested in anything you see, just post it in a comment, I LOVE making things for people, it gives me great delight!!! I put ALOT of time in the stuff I crochet, but I LOVE IT!!!

I have a bazaar coming up in march, my 1st one EVER!! A bit nervous that I won't have enough stuff...but I will TRY HARD!!! K...gotta get busy on my "to-do" list!! Have a Blessed Day!!


Teresa Matson said...

Let me know where and when the bazaar is and I'd love to go!

couture unraveled said...

It is at my kids' school...James McGee and it's in march sometime in the 20's...I am waiting on some more information there suppose to be getting to us...when i find out more I will let u know!!!

Teresa Matson said...

Cool! Thanks!

Jenni said...

I Love your blog!! soo cute!


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