Feb 25, 2013

Nottingham newsboy hat pattern

This right here is my 18 month old baby girl Charlotte AKA Charlee! I can't even explain how much joy this little spitfire brings our family!! She's a spoiled, sweet, not so sweet, girly girl of a princess!!
...and she knows it too! Lol!

Now! HERE (excuse the picture-i took it off my FB page) is the newsboy hat that I sell a ton of!! Super popular!! 
(I made this pattern up after I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for online...if this hat is similar or the same as a pattern that already exists I promise I did not know about it! Thank You!)

I have never ever written a pattern before...ever!! If you should have any difficulty following this pattern please PLEASE feel free to ask and I will try to help as best I can! I am also gonna include some pictures which should help...well...they always help me anyway! ;)

For the yarn I use Vanna's choice acrylic
Hook size "I"

**(When creating this hat for picture purposes, I used a little thicker yarn and added an extra row to make it size 0-3 months. If using Vanna's choice yarn and wanting same size go up to a size hook as well)** we go!

Start by:
Chain 2
Rd 1-DC 10 in ch 1 space
Join with sl st in 1st DC 
ch 2(counts as 1st DC now and throughout)

Rd 2(increase row)-DC in same stitch as ch 2, *2 DC in next stitch*
and in each stitch around; join with sl st to top of ch 2 (20 DC)

Rd 3(increase row) chain 2; 1 DC in same stitch; *1 DC in next; 2 DC in next* repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st to top o
f ch 2. (30 DC)

Rd4(increase row) chain 2; DC in same stitch as ch 2; *1 DC in next 2 stitches; 2 DC in next stitch* repeat from * to * around; join with slip stitch to top of chain 2. (40 DC)

Rd 5(increase row) chain 2; DC in same stitch as ch 2; *1 DC in next 3 stitches; 2 DC in next stitch* repeat from * to * around; join with slip stitch to top of chain 2. (50 DC)

This is what it should look like at this point.  Now we will work on lengthening the body...

Rd 6- skip 1st stitch; DC in next (I have posted pictures below to help); DC in skipped stitch creating an "X"; *skip 1 stitch just in front of 1st DC; 1 DC; 1 DC in previous skipped stitched*; repeat from * to * blank around; DC in remaining stitch; join to top of ch 2.

Rd 7-9 chain 2; 
repeat round 6
(4 total rows of "X" stitch)

Rd. 9- ch 2; HDC in 1st stitch and each stitch around. Join to top of ch 2.

Rd 10-  chain 2; HDC in back loop (refer to pictures below) around; join to top of ch 2.

Rd 11 repeat row 10 (for size 0-3 months add addt'l row here)


Rd 1- 24 SC in back loops of  HDC's (pictures below)
Ch 1; turn

Rd 2- SC 7; 2 SC in next stitch; SC 8; 2 SC in next stitch; SC in remaining 7; ch 1; turn

Rd 3- skip 1st stitch; SC 7; 2 SC in next; SC 8; 2 SC in next; SC 7; leave last stitch un-worked; ch 1 turn.

(Repeat rd 3 one more time for size 0-3 months)

To Finishing
Sc. In same stitch and evenly down side of brim. Sc LOOSELY in back loops (like previous hdc rows) around to other side of brim. Crochet evenly up side of brim and across brim. Join with a sl st to 1st sc. Tie off, weave in ends.

Finished measurements newborn sz
Laying flat
6 inches across
5 inches top to bottom

Finished measurements sz 0-3 months 
6.5 inches across middle 
5.5 inches top to bottom

Finished hat!!!

The button I used is purchase from a shop called The Hickory Tree
The buttons are unique and made from trees off the shop owners property in Michigan!! I absolutely LOVE THEM!!!

***Please do not sell or copy this pattern. You are free to sell what you make but please credit the pattern back to me! Thank you!!***
Victoria ~Couture Unraveled~


Melisa said...

That hat is really cute! I would love to make it for Easton. Would you have any tips on how to increase the size?

Victoria West said...

Sure!! The first few rows are all increase rows which is what gives you most of the size...keep in that same manner...I would say for Easton go all the way up to 5 DC then 2 DC in next...then continue in patter adding at least 1 maybe 2 more "X" rows. For the brim I would do a total of 34 sc turn then do 10 sc, 2 sc next stitch 12 sc 2 sc next stitch then 10 sc leaving last stitch unworked, then continue this manner working about 3 more rows then do 10 sc sc2tog 12 sc sc2tog then sc 10... Finish same as pattern above! Hope that all made sense! Lol!!


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