Feb 19, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Time flies when your! maybe it's more like time flies when your!
The baby pictured below is now 18 months old and in the beginning of summer she will be a big sister to a baby brother!! It was a we "planned" to be done after her...but...God had other plans...and everyday I get more excited to meet this little man!! It's been 6 years since I had a little boy!! Wow!!
So...there's that!
I have still been crocheting like a mad woman! Selling at a local boutique called Pipsqueaks
The owner is a a wonderful lady and I enjoy making stuff to sell there!!
I also sell to my SIL who owns TrenchBowl photo props  a very popular online photography section(among other vintage and such items)in her Traditions in Thyme store!! You can find her here and here!
I've decided I'm gonna try and put posts on this here blog of mine again! Maybe do some give aways here and there and post some of my favorite patterns I use! Free and purchased!!
Your welcome!! ;)
As soon as I figure out HOW to share photos on this blog from my phone!!! (the only Internet we have at this time) I will share some photos and patterns!!
I hope everyone has been good and I will be back soon!!! 

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