Mar 19, 2010

If you have just recently come to the Bazaar and grabbed one of my cards...then I guess that would be how you got here!LOL! Anyway...soon I will be posting some pictures of the stuff that was selling at my the meantime...if you would like to purchase any of the items you saw, please let me know!!! or if you have any custom order questions...let me know that too!!

Please check back often~I will be adding pictures and maybe even adding new items SOON!!! Thanks Again~Victoria West @ Couture Unraveled~


Holly said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by:) You can also find both Michelle and I at our food blog-The Peppered Pantry~
I'll give you the link
Thanks again and Good luck;)

Kristi said...

Hey..Hope u did good:D...sometime stop by my blog if u want to.. .,

The Whispering Creek House said... are amazing! your work is breath taking really! i would love to know how much two of your hats with the huge flowers would be..i have two girls heads to top..and if you have anything you would like to offer as a giveaway on my blog i would be happy to feature you there! God bless you vikki!

couture unraveled said...

Whispering that what I should call you? LOL!! 2 hats with a big flower for each hat would be 12 a piece id only 1 color! If you wanna tell me the size and colors you would like It won't take me long to woop em up!!! I would LOVE to be featured on your blog and do a giveaway...get me more info on that...k?I feel very honored to be asked!! so Thank you for that!! for details on your order feel free to email me @ it might be easier than dong it through the blog comment section!hehe!! Talk To You real soon, Whisper!


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