Mar 5, 2010

The bazaar is just around the corner and I have tons of stuff left to make...with 5 seems as though I am getting nowhere...but I will keep going and make as much stuff as I can...Pray I will have enough!! Here are a few things I have so far...

Mesh hat...This hat is amazing! It fits a small child all the way up to a small adult size head...quite grows on ya!!Super size flower clip...4 rounds of petals with lacy bow center...beautiful accent for the mesh hat...

You can clip this flower wherever u like or wear it by itself as a hair clip...

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these items in whatever size/color...let me know!!!
also, if anyone is interested in attending this is at James Mcgee elementary in Pasco March 19th and 20th 9:00a.m -4:00p.m friday the 19th and 9:00a.m. -3:00p.m. on sat. the 20th...I am not sure yet if I will be doing both days or just 1 yet...will let ya know when I know!!
Thanks Everyone!! and enjoy spring...wherever you are!!


brandie said...

Hi. I found your blog through Teresa Matson :) I found a crochet 'tag' blanket on Etsy, and was wondering if you could make something of the sort? Here is the link for you to get an idea what I have in mind-

My son, Jaxon, LOOVES silky-like tags, he finds them on everything! But his bed time blanket with a silky trim is just too bulky and would like something smaller for on the go.

Let me know what you think, absolutely no rush!! So don't even worry about it until after your bizarre!
Brandie Rhoades

brandie said...

Oops! My email is brhoades @ live (dot) com


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