Jan 26, 2015

What I've been up to...

       Since my last post my family has South Dakota! Why? Would I ever move there?? Well...My Husband started working near the oil fields and me not willing to move to that area the west side of SD was my what use to be a 15 hour drive for him to come home is now a 6 hour drive! He's able to come home almost every weekend which is awesome!! So far I don't mind this area at all..the winter has been mild and the temps fluctuate like crazy! 30's last week 60's this week! We live in the country just outside of a small town that is just outside of Rapid City-if you've never heard of this place It's where Mt. Rushmore is ;)

       With having a clingy and needy baby (he's 20 months old now but busy as they come!!) I took a break from crocheting and aside from photographing my nieces wedding this past summer I haven't pursued photography in our new town either. :(  but I have started crocheting again and it's been fun! I've even started a photo album on my Facebook page with ready made items for sell! I'm planning to continuously add to that album...check it out if you get a chance! Couture unraveled 
Here's a few pictures of things I've made! And with that I bid you adieu ;)

I love these slipper boots! They are THE best I've ever made! The pattern is easy to follow and...gulp...they actually stay on your feet!!!! Imagine that! Here's a linkto purchase the pattern...if you'd like me to make them for you shoot me an email
God Bless!!

Mar 6, 2013

Crochet girl newborn pant and bonnet set~spring time baby!!!

I just noticed the other day that all the tulips planted here at our rental home are awakening!! 

I was shocked and it was that one thing that got me realizing spring really is here!!!! Yahoo!!! I love spring! Mostly because its the season right before summer which is my favorite season of all!!! It could also be because I'm due with a baby boy June 12th and with the arrival of spring, I'm getting really close to meeting this little guy!! ;)

So...since I was feeling spring-y I decided to make a newborn girl pant and bonnet set in cream and yellow....for me, yellow is like the ultimate spring color! So refreshing and clean and pretty!! ;)

The pants pattern I  purchased from DaddyMackHats on Etsy
She sells the pants pattern along with already made ones....they are super cute and the pattern is very easy to follow!! I would highly recommend purchasing this pattern!!

The bonnet pattern is from Crochetlatte and it is free!!! I love it! Pattern is super easy to follow and the finished bonnet is super adorable!! 

I hope everyone is having a great week and that spring is on its way wherever you are!! 
~Couture Unraveled~

Feb 27, 2013

Newborn leg warmers pattern

I really enjoy making newborn props! I don't know why, but it tends to be what I'm drawn to in this big ol' world of crochet!

The most recent new born prop I've been drawn too are little leg I made a pattern up to share with you!! 

I am hoping to get a picture if these cuties being used real shortly!! When I do, I will be sure and let you all see it!!! 

Ready for the pattern??? we go then!! 
Newborn leg warmers

Hook size "I"
Hook size "K"

Worsted weight yarn(medium thickness)

Make 2

Before beginning chain...leave a bit longer tail to use for stitching leg warmer closed.

Using hook size "I"
Ch 22; turn

Row 1; sc in 2nd ch from hook; sc in each ch across (21 sc)
Ch 2; turn.

Row 2; *Sk 2 st, 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc each in next stitch*
Repeat from * to * around when 3 stitches are left skip 2 st, 1 hdc in last stitch, ch 2; turn

Row 3; 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc each in top of dc from previous row and in each dc across. Hdc in last stitch. Ch 2; turn (6 shells across)

Repeat row 3 until piece measures 4 1/2" then go up 2 hook sizes. In my case I went up to a size "K" 6.50mm

Then continue repeating row 3 until piece measures 6"
(This will give the flare bottom)
Tie off. Weave in end.

Using long tail from beginning, fold leg warmer together with right sides together and stitch the seam closed. Stop 3 rows before the bottom. Or at the point it begins to flare. Tie off, weave in ends. Turn right side out. Add ribbon bow! Or embellish however you like!!

Measurements open and laying flat are:
Thigh: 5 1/2
Mid: 5 1/2
Ankle: 6 1/4
Length: 6

This is a free pattern, please do not sell this pattern. You are free to sell your finished product. If you sell online please give my link to the pattern! Thank You!!
**At this time the pattern is untested, if you find any problems with this pattern please let me know so I can get it fixed-thank you!**
Victoria ~Couture Unraveled~

I found this diaper cover pattern online to make a set!! Can't wait to see this set on a tiny newborn!!

Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment so I know you were here! ;)


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